New leader, new focus: Click Rain details year of change

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As Click Rain nears its 10th anniversary next year, the company is no stranger to change.

The marketing technology agency based in downtown Sioux Falls is used to keeping pace with the notoriously fast-evolving marketing industry, but 2017 has brought a new set of shifts.

Click Rain has evolved its brand position from an online marketing agency to a marketing technology agency. New CEO Natalie Eisenberg stepped into her role Sept. 5, as founder Paul Ten Haken became board chairman.

“Ten years ago, marketing plans were almost all centered around TV, print, radio and outdoor. Websites and digital ads were an afterthought,” Eisenberg said. “Digital was the ‘add-on,’ but Paul had the foresight to see that these digital tactics would soon become the norm. Now, marketing plans are built digital-first with technology leading the charge. That’s our sweet spot.”

Using technology, Click Rain can “connect the dots to see what’s working and where impact is coming from, and we can refine things in real time,” Eisenberg continued.

“Technology allows us to tie together the activity of marketing, IT, sales and operations to manage everything more efficiently. It also brings these teams together to work more cohesively.”

With everyone on the same page, businesses can focus not just on what works, but also on why.

Click Rain works with clients to understand their business goals and develops marketing strategies, platform integrations and analytics to provide them a more holistic view of all the touch points consumers have with their brand.

“This industry is always evolving, but the constant in marketing technology is the ability to measure results and prove success,” said Chris Prendergast, chief strategy officer. “Using historical data and statistical analysis to drive campaigns and predict trends makes us better strategists and better stewards of our clients’ resources. Data-driven marketing helps them make better marketing decisions and better business decisions as well.”

The Click Rain executive team

From an initial online search to a final transaction — in-store or online — Click Rain has the ability to track and attribute marketing and sales efforts. That allows leadership to take a high-level, strategic view of marketing investments and encourages collaboration across departments.

“It’s great when we have someone from IT, sales, marketing and accounting all in the same room telling us what they want to measure and what success looks like for them. From there, we can really create a smart and strategic plan that uses specific tactics, from website development to platform integrations. That department-to-department crossover is when the magic can really happen,” said James Krueger, chief marketing officer.

The team at Click Rain enjoys the challenge and thrill of staying on the forefront of technology, constantly asking if there are better ways to accomplish clients’ goals.

“We don’t want to rest on past success or doing things just because we’ve always done them that way, said Eric Ellefson, chief operations officer. “Our team is full of ‘what-ifs’ and looking for ways to blend efficiency with creativity to drive results. Give us a challenge.”

The shift into the marketing technology space will continue to play out as the industry landscape and client needs continue to grow.

“One thing we take very seriously is that in any client partnership it’s our job to keep our partners sharp,” Eisenberg said. “To keep their businesses moving forward, we bring the leading marketing technologies to the table, simplified to work for them and designed to meet their needs.”

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Click Rain announces new CEO

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New leader, new focus: Click Rain details year of change

Click Rain is used to keeping pace with the notoriously fast-evolving marketing industry, but 2017 has brought a new set of shifts.

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