New sign business helps residents celebrate special occasions

June 14, 2019

A new Sioux Falls business takes signage to the next level with endless customization for its customers.

Sign Gypsies started in McKinney, Texas, about five years ago, according to Carly Logan, affiliate owner of the Sioux Falls location. Since then, the company has opened over 400 affiliates nationwide.

Rather than pre-made, traditional signs, Sign Gypsies has individual letters available for rent, allowing customers to personalize their own messages. Logan said she has dozens of fonts and themes to fit birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and many more occasions. She also can include graphics to go along with the signs, a feature she said is popular for celebrating kids’ birthdays.

“What’s great about the company is that we can customize our signs to say anything people want,” Logan said. “What I like to do is set up the signs in the evening so the messages are there right when the person who is being celebrated wakes up. It’s a really fun and unique way to celebrate people and their milestones.”

Logan said she also works with local businesses to help spruce up their storefronts with promotional signage. She recently partnered with Oh My Cupcakes for a cross-promotion giveaway.

In celebration of the cupcake shop’s upcoming 10-year anniversary in August, Sign Gypsies set up a sign in front of the new Oh My Cupcakes East at 10th and Bahnson. Customers were prompted on both companies’ Facebook pages to visit the location to read what the sign said, drop a like on Sign Gypsies’ Facebook page and comment on the Facebook post with what the sign said to be entered into a giveaway. The winner, selected on Monday, received a free rental from Sign Gypsies and a dozen cupcakes from Oh My Cupcakes.

Knowing both companies are in the birthday business, Logan said she reached out to Melissa Johnson, owner of Oh My Cupcakes, to pitch the idea for a partnership. Logan added she believes the partnership was mutually beneficial for generating buzz about both companies.

“From our side, it was great to have our company associated with Oh My Cupcakes because they are so established in this community,” she said. “It raises awareness for us because we are so new and also generates foot traffic for their new location.”

The sign in front of Oh My Cupcakes East read “It’s a Cupcake Day,” a callback to Johnson’s original idea of the name for her company, Cupcake Days. Johnson said it was fun to cross-promote with a new company, reminding her of when she was starting out in the Sioux Falls business community a decade ago.

“Back then, we were like nothing Sioux Falls had in our field, and Sign Gypsies is like that now,” Johnson said. “This promotion shows they are reaching out in the community and promoting themselves in fun and innovative ways. I was glad to help promote a new and exciting woman-run business.”

Logan said she hopes the promotion continues the company’s early success in the Sioux Falls community.

“Since we’re brand new, hearing about us isn’t the same as seeing the signs in person,” she said. “Hopefully people who hadn’t heard of us before are now looking to us for their celebrations.”

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New sign business helps residents celebrate special occasions

A new Sioux Falls business takes signage to the next level with endless customization for its customers.

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