New southeast Sioux Falls office park offers option to own or lease your next space

Oct. 7, 2020

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Looking to own your office? Or move right into a brand-new one? This new office park is waiting for you.

The Roundabout Office Park at 69th Street and Southeastern Avenue has multiple sites available for building, plus one move-in-ready office.

“The developer has been very flexible accommodating both tenants and buyers,” said Marcus Mahlen of NAI Sioux Falls, who has the property listed.

“We’ve had turnaround times of about five months from start to finish, which isn’t much longer than what you’d experience leasing or buying existing space and doing a full gut/rebuild, so we’ve been able to put up a brand-new building in about the same time frame.”

There are five lots available, with most designed for buildings of about 3,900 square feet. One parcel is designed for a building just over 5,000 square feet.

“The location has become very recognizable,” Mahlen said. “Either people know where the roundabout is right away, or they know where the GreatLIFE is right there, or they understand it’s just down the street from Sioux Falls Christian or USF Stadium. More and more cars are getting down that corridor of 69th Street.”

To the west is natural wetland conservation area, “so there can’t be anything developed next to this to the west, and that’s been appealing to people,” he added. “There won’t be buildings behind you, ever. And at this size, these buildings aren’t that much different than constructing a house. So the design and planning process is similar, and so many people have already done that – it’s not that hard to take on.”

Office users also like the idea of owning their own space, especially given affordable interest rates, he said. Some have purchased the entire building and are leasing half until they might need it to support their own growth.

That’s the case at one newly built building, which is home to Dakota CPA and has half of its space for lease.

“It’s all built-out and finished very nicely and ready for a tenant,” said NAI’s Michael Martin, who has it listed for lease. “It’s 100 percent ready to go.”

The 1,934-square-foot space includes six private offices, a reception area and workroom.

“And there’s a really nice kitchenette with a built-in stove,” Martin said. “The other nice thing is there’s a shared vestibule lobby, so in the winter when people come in, it’s not blowing cold air into your space. Plus there’s a back entrance for your employees, and patients or clients can park in front, so you’re not parking out there with them.”

The office includes access to a conference room shared with the CPA firm and a couple of private bathrooms.

“But it has its own zoning for heating and cooling, so you’re not sharing the same temperature throughout the building,” Martin said. “And there’s a security system with keyless entry and an access card, so you can see when people swipe in and out, plus there’s a camera that monitors the back door.”

The office also features a higher sound rating thanks to sound channels between the walls and specialized drywall, “so it’s perfect for attorneys, counselors, trust companies, anyone who needs that added privacy,” he said.

“This whole office park is a very professional setting with a really nice mix of tenants. Anyone who knows Sioux Falls knows things are growing that way.”

To learn more about Roundabout Office Park, click here or call Marcus Mahlen at 605-228-9744.  To learn more about the available space at the Southeastern Office Building, click here or call Michael Martin at 605-261-2777.

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New southeast Sioux Falls office park offers option to own or lease your next space

Looking to own your office? Or move right into a brand-new one? This new office park is waiting for you.

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