No sign of spring doesn’t stop B&G Milkyway from opening

March 6, 2019

The first B&G Milkyway in the area opened today in spite of winter’s frozen grip.

“I always open the first Wednesday in March no matter what the weather’s like,” said DiAnn Burwell, who has owned the franchised location at 69th Street and Louise Avenue since 2008. “It’s going to be the worst (conditions) in a long time.”

She knows there are die-hard customers, however, who will be there for their favorite ice cream treats no matter what the temperature is outside.

“It’s that first sign of spring” that people want to embrace, Burwell said. Thankfully, she said, the restaurant has a drive-thru, otherwise it might not open this early.

Other B&G Milkyway restaurants in the area will be opening in the next few weeks, said Bruce Bettmeng, who owns the ice cream franchise with his wife, Pam. They also own the restaurants on West 12th Street and West 41st Street. In addition to 69th Street, franchisees own the locations on Sycamore Avenue and in Brandon and Tea.

Other opening dates, weather permitting

  • Sycamore Avenue and Tea: March 13
  • West 41st Street: March 14
  • Brandon: March 20
  • 12th Street: First week of April

Construction is still on schedule for the new Milkyway on 41st Street near Veterans Parkway to open in June, Bettmeng said. That site is owned by new franchisees.

Bettmeng said Milkyway is introducing three menu items this season: bacon as an option for the hamburgers, chicken nuggets and the Doozy Donut Sundae.

“We take five doughnut holes from Flyboy Donuts, surround it by ice cream and then whatever kind of toppings they want,” Burwell said. “We’ll most likely use vanilla, but they can have whatever they want.” Milkyway also serves chocolate and strawberry soft-serve ice cream and twist combinations.

The chicken nuggets, which will be oven-baked, should be a good option for kids, and there have been lots of customer requests for bacon, Burwell said.

She’s starting the season with a smaller crew of about 25 and is still hiring to get to her full strength of 40 employees.

The staff is just as excited as the customers to reopen, but the message on the restaurant’s marquee reflects their mood:

“Hey, Elsa, the cold actually bothers the rest of us.”

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No sign of spring doesn’t stop B&G Milkyway from opening

Unseasonably cold weather didn’t keep B&G Milkyway at 69th and Louise from opening today.

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