Ordering pizza online this weekend? This business is ready to meet you there

Jan. 31, 2019

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For pizza fans everywhere, the biggest football game of the year is just an excuse to have an extra slice — or two — of their favorite pizza.

How are these fans placing their orders? They’re not calling their favorite pizza place. They’re using custom apps or mobile-friendly websites on their smartphones. In today’s age of instant gratification, businesses must keep up with consumer demands such as these.

Pizza Ranch did just that in January 2018. The restaurant chain’s mission is “to give every guest a legendary experience.” With that in mind, the company rolled out a new online ordering website, accessible from pizzaranch.com.

According to Digital State of the Midwest, 80 percent of Midwesterners have a smartphone. With so many smartphone users, shifting focus to online mobile ordering only made sense to Pizza Ranch. In fact, according to Business Insider, an average pizza order placed online is 18 percent higher in value than those placed by calling a bricks-and-mortar location. And by 2020, it’s projected that 11 percent of all quick-service restaurant sales will consist of online mobile orders.

Click Rain built Pizza Ranch’s site with a mobile-first approach. During the site’s development, every content and design decision was made knowing it would be effective for mobile users. The new Pizza Ranch ordering website streamlined the online ordering process, increased website visitors and increased conversion rates.

“We wanted to focus on making online ordering fast, easy and convenient not only for our loyal guests but for those who might be new to Pizza Ranch or even new to online ordering,” said Courtney Boone, Pizza Ranch’s digital marketing manager. “Our guests love adding their favorite toppings to a pizza in a more visual way and can explore more of the menu than they could with an order placed by phone.”

A higher conversion rate means more online orders are being completed for Pizza Ranch. In only one year after site launch, the conversion rate increased by almost 20 percent.

With the successful launch of online ordering, Pizza Ranch didn’t stop there. Now with a website capable of scaling at the pace of its food-service innovation, Pizza Ranch unveiled its “Favorite Order” feature, allowing returning guests to reorder their favorites in just a few seconds.

With the ease of online ordering, your only worry this football Sunday will be choosing your toppings before the big game.

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Ordering pizza online this weekend? This business is ready to meet you there

If you’re a fan ordering pizza for the big game, you’ll love the new Pizza Ranch app. If you’re a business leader, you’d love the improved conversion rate it brought them.

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