PC Matic returning to Gateway roots with hiring push in Sioux Falls

March 21, 2019

Credit a major investment in national TV advertising, but PC Matic’s Rob Cheng struggles to blend into a crowd.

“He can’t walk through a major metropolitan airport or go to dinner without being recognized,” said Corey Munson, PC Matic’s vice president and Cheng’s decades-long colleague.

What’s not nearly as well-known, however, is the company’s tie to the Sioux Falls region.

Rob Cheng, CEO

Cheng, Munson and others involved in PC Matic met while working at Gateway.

“Our company really grew out of Gateway. It’s part of that Gateway legacy,” Munson said.

PC Matic has spent the past two decades focused mostly on software development for consumers, developing utility and security software for home-computer users.

In the past several years, its growth has centered on business-to-business activity, “working with small businesses, organizations of all sizes, municipalities and our fastest-growing segment, K-12 education,” Munson said.

To support that growth, the company is building out a field sales organization and zeroing in on the region where it grew out of Gateway. It announced the effort recently in Sioux City and plans to focus heavily on hiring in the Sioux Falls area.

The sales team will “go out and embed themselves in communities and engage in conversations about the security challenges companies are having, look for potential partners to develop solutions and for customers too, but if the opportunities are there, look for new employees as well,” Munson said.

PC Matic’s 60 employees work from home, and that won’t change with the Sioux Falls hiring.

“So there is no headquarters, but the interest we have in reconnecting in South Dakota is many of us in the ground floor were Gateway employees, and we have a real affinity for South Dakota and that corner of Iowa where many of us grew up and were part of the Gateway growth and explosion,” Munson said.

“For a long time, we flew under the radar locally. People may have seen us on TV but had no idea we were connected to the region or Gateway.”

The company is starting to hire field sales staff and also looking for software development and technical support personnel. To see more on opportunities available, click here.

Because PC Matic doesn’t have the overhead of an office, employees benefit, Munson said.

“The benefit package we offer is better than anything I’ve seen in my 30-plus years,” he said. “We have a very, very attractive offer when you combine the flexibility of being able to work out of your home, great compensation, and we even cover gym memberships. Our intention is to keep doing that.”

He’s not sure how many people the company ultimately might employ in the Sioux Falls area.

“But we’ll add as needed, and we won’t stop until we feel we’ve got the coverage we need.”


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PC Matic returning to Gateway roots with hiring push in Sioux Falls

Watch any cable news and you’ve probably seen an ad for PC Matic. Turns out, the company has its roots in Gateway, and its ties to this area are leading it back for a workforce expansion.

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