Persistence pays off for Novak worker who landed sought-after job

March 22, 2019

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Rodrigo Interiano really, really wanted a job at Novak Sanitary Service.

He wanted it so much that when he didn’t get a call the first time he applied, he tried again.

“And I kept trying until I got a call,” he said.

Almost two years later, no one at Novak is quite sure how an employee like Interiano managed to slip through the proverbial cracks.

But his persistence has paid off for both himself and his employer.

“I was so excited when they called,” said Interiano, 33, who was born in Guatemala and came to the U.S. when he was 12.

He’d been in Sioux Falls for a few years by the time he reached out to Novak, delivering beds, working in shipping, doing some wiring and working in customer service.

“I wanted to get into a good, stable company,” he said. “I did some research about Novak, and they were offering a program to get a commercial driver’s license, which I didn’t have. Two people interviewed me, and a day later they called and offered me a job.”

He worked with a trainer to learn how to drive his truck and then received his CDL. From there, things got only better.

“The hardest part – and it wasn’t even that hard – was training. After that, you’re on your own. There’s a lot of freedom.”

But while Interiano appreciates his autonomy, he has become a big part of the Novak team.

“He’s a fantastic guy,” general manager Mike Herbst said. “He’s always happy, always smiling, even on a hard day, and he really loves what he does. It’s a different kind of energy. Everybody feels it.”

When he’s not at work, you’ll find Interiano out running, riding his bike or bowling. He bought a home not far from Novak on the west side of Sioux Falls. He feels at home at work too.

“What do I like best about? Honestly? It’s management,” he said. “There’s nothing exciting – no offense – about getting up in the morning and going to pull garbage cans. But management makes it easy. We come in, and I feel welcome all the time.”

He also likes the variety he finds day to day and getting to know those on his route.

“I’m a people person. I like to talk to everybody, and that’s something I like about the job,” he said.

He likes it so well he’s starting to recruit others.

“When a great person like Rodrigo recommends someone, it’s a no-brainer,” Herbst said. “And he’s referred a couple folks who are also fantastic.”

Novak is hiring more. There are openings for drivers and a mechanic.

“We’re looking for people who are reliable because customers are relying on you,” Herbst said. “We talk a lot about attendance with candidates. We don’t hire skills. We hire people, and we’re willing to teach the skills. Rodrigo came here with no CDL experience, and I’d say half of our drivers started the same way, and now they’ve become some of our most successful employees.”

New Novak drivers will receive training along with a $2,500 sign-on bonus. A first-year driver can earn up to $55,000 annually with overtime.

To learn more, click here or call 605-338-7126.

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Persistence pays off for Novak worker who landed sought-after job

“I was so excited when they called.” This Novak driver wanted to work there and kept applying until he was hired. Almost two years later, he’s a star employee.

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