Picture your logo here: New products offer fun, valuable ways to brand your business

Sept. 16, 2019

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Maybe you’re looking for a unique way to thank employees.

Maybe you’ve got a trade show or other company event coming up.

Maybe you’ve realized that – hard as it is to believe – it’s time to start planning for your corporate holiday gifts.

The good news is there have never been more ways to personalize items for all tastes and budgets.

“If you’re looking for ideas, we have them,” said Sheila Casiello, co-owner of Interstate Office Products, who oversees the company’s promotional products division.

“Or if you already have thoughts on what you’d like to do, we can show you plenty of options and take care of your order seamlessly.”

What’s trending

Tech-related items continue to be big hits – including those intended to protect your privacy.

Custom webcam covers and audio blockers allow you to put your brand on a product that others will find valuable, plus you can even customize the shape to show your specific products or services, Casiello said.

“And we can also do a branded data blocker, which you can use when charging somewhere public, so not only is it a good product you can imprint with your logo, but you can show how you’re looking out for your customers. You have the option to brand the webcam covers, blockers and packaging.”

Other fun items that are trending include custom socks, including dress, no-shows and sports socks.

“And they’re cute,” Casiello added. “Not only can you add your logo to them, you can completely customize them for a stylish, cool-looking sock.”

Custom-painted wine and spirits bottles also make popular corporate gifts, as do branded stainless steel tumblers to keep drinks warm or cold.

There’s even a branded “head lime” trinket you can use inside a Corona bottle for squeezing in a lime.

“The options are endless,” Casiello said. “And they’re all definitely gifts that will be appreciated.”

Memorable greetings

IOP also has started offering a personalized greeting card option that is ideal for holidays but relevant any time of the year.

“It’s a neat product called Say More Greetings, and basically they’re note cards that come with a QR code,” Casiello explained.

“So that QR code can lead to a video you’ve personalized for individuals or for a group. You can use these as thank-you cards, holiday cards or greeting cards, and it makes a fun, memorable message.”

Plus, as 2020 approaches, there are tons of calendar options to consider.

“We can personalize so many types of calendars with your business brand: wall calendars, desk calendars, flip calendars, magnets or a sticker calendar for your desk or the dashboard of your car,” Casiello said. “These are a great way to keep your business top of mind in front of people any time they look at the date.”

Employee gift ideas

Looking for a way to reward employees or offer an extra at the holidays? IOP’s apparel options offer tons of choices for branded wear.

“Pullovers with a half- or quarter-zip are really popular, and polo shirts are always a hit,” Casiello said.

“But we can also provide nice winter hats and imprinted gloves that allow typing. For trade workers, we’ve had interest in baseball caps that come equipped with lights on them. One of my favorites for this season is a completely customized apparel gift box. You can brand the gift box, gift tag including a personalize note, tissue paper, even the tag on the apparel inside the box can be customized, not to mention adding your logo to various apparel you choose to include in the gift box.”

IOP also can help set up an online company store where employees can select pre-approved items.

“Sometimes, companies will give employees coupons that can be redeemed in the store, and we can bill it back to the company,” Casiello said. “That’s a nice option at the holidays but also for employee appreciation throughout the year and for your new hires as a welcome gift.”

Next steps

If your business is ready to look at new ways to personalize, IOP’s in-house expert Curt Reinschmidt is ready to help. He will set up a time to understand your business, your branding and your goals for your order.

Typically, IOP can have your order in hand in less than four weeks. In some cases, turnaround can be even the same week. But the sooner you start, the broader your options will be.

“We’ve already started talking with businesses about what they’re planning for the holidays,” Casiello said.

“There are thousands and thousands of options, and Curt is great at guiding you to something you’ll want to put your name on. We understand this is your brand, and we can work within your budget to bring value and deliver a product you’ll be proud to give to others.”

If your business is looking for new and memorable ways to brand itself, visit i-o-p.com, call Curt Reinschmidt at 605-275-3110 or email him at creinschmidt@i-o-p.com.

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Picture your logo here: New products offer fun, valuable ways to brand your business

Whether you’ve got an upcoming trade show, an employee event or you’re looking ahead to holiday gifting, there have never been better options for corporate-branded merchandise.

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