Pierre couple finds perfect retirement life in Sioux Falls

Nov. 7, 2018

This paid piece is sponsored by Grand Living at Lake Lorraine.

It was a snowy day in January when Gloria Bump made an accidental discovery.

“Our grandson-in-law said, ‘Let’s go look at that new place,’ ” she said.

“That new place” was Grand Living at Lake Lorraine.

Gloria and her husband, Vernon, lived in Pierre at the time.

But their family and their doctors were in Sioux Falls, so they were thinking of moving.

“We came out here to Grand Living, and they took us to two apartments, and I loved it,” she said.

Her husband, who had skipped apartment-hunting for a trip to the hardware store, came back with her, and they started talking it over.

“He said we have to do it,” she said.

“It felt like family right away, and Lake Lorraine drew us, especially my husband. He said, ‘I’m not going somewhere I have to look at all these buildings.’ Here, he could look out the window at the lake and the surrounding area. And our apartment is very nice and roomy.”

They enjoy the close walk or drive to shopping, groceries at Hy-Vee and an Avera medical center with 24-hour emergency care.

“We started with a new doctor there. It’s just so handy,” Gloria said. “The kids don’t want us to drive all around Sioux Falls, but they like that we’re in this area. Pierre was a great place to raise kids, but now it’s time to move on to what we need. And we found it here.”

Since settling in over the summer, they have found a lot to keep themselves busy.

“We’re so busy going to things. We both love music, and they have pianists that play, and it’s very enjoyable,” Gloria said. “You can sit in the grand living room and there’s music all the time and nice warm fireplaces now that it’s getting cool.”

Vernon enjoys watching residents fish at the lake, and they both visit the salon for haircuts. Gloria, who is recovering from a stroke, uses the indoor pool to regain strength.

“It’s wonderful, and the fitness director has been very helpful to me already,” she said. “And they will take us to church and pick us up, and they’re always coming up with get-togethers to meet your neighbors and enjoy life.”

Recent weeks have brought caramel apple and cider parties.

“There’s so many things we could never find anywhere else,” she said.

The dining also is a highlight, she added.

“Yesterday, we had a ginger carrot soup, and it was just delicious,” she said. “It’s fun to try new dishes, and, of course, there are the good-old standbys. Last night, we had chicken and dumplings or beef stew. It was wonderful. And there’s always snacks in the bistro. You can eat there or the dining room, and we choose to eat both places.”

Most importantly, if her husband needs memory care, it’s an easy move within Grand Living.

“He has some dementia, and after he was diagnosed, we needed to move pretty quickly,” she said. “So they offer memory care for down the road when he’s ready. But now he loves walking around the lake and around the building, and our little dog, Gracie, gets plenty of exercise.”

While she considered several options and the setting at Grand Living stood out, Gloria said ultimately the staff convinced the couple to make the decision to move.

“It’s their service and their congeniality,” she said. “From the maintenance team to the food team, it’s just the whole picture. They’re wonderful. This is absolutely the friendliest place you can find.”

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Pierre couple finds perfect retirement life in Sioux Falls

They moved to Sioux Falls for family and medical care but ended up finding more to do at their new home than they ever imagined.

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