POET lives out its mission locally and globally

Jan. 3, 2020

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For the past 15 years, POET has contributed to the mission of Sioux Falls Cares, helping provide more than 850 families with food, clothing and toys during the holiday season.

In 2005, POET began a Christmas tradition of collecting voluntary donations from team members and providing a gift to Sioux Falls Cares in lieu of manager holiday gifts. Once the contribution deadline has been met, a POET match is announced at the annual Sioux Falls POET Christmas party. This year, POET was able to raise more than $17,000 for the organization.

“In addition to the financial contribution, employees and their families also had the opportunity to deliver packages from Sioux Falls Cares to families. It was a great opportunity to see our local impact firsthand and lift the spirits of those in need,” said Kirk Overaas, POET finance business partner.

This tradition is a testament to the charitable hearts of founder and CEO Jeff Broin, and his wife, Tammie, who have always had a heart for giving back to those who need it most.

“The people of POET have such amazing compassion for our local communities, and we are grateful for their generosity during the holiday season and all throughout the year,” Tammie Broin said.

Sioux Falls Cares is a nonprofit organization that has provided basic necessities as well as gifts to deserving families, including nearly 2,500 children, for over 28 years in Sioux Falls. The families are carefully chosen through social worker and counselor referral to meet the greatest need in the community. Sioux Falls Cares runs entirely on volunteers who pick up and deliver packages, and 100 percent of the funds raised are used to help families in need right in Sioux Falls.

“It’s our responsibility to serve in the community we call home, and we’ve been blessed to be part of the mission of Sioux Falls Cares for many years,” said Alyssa Broin, who is chief of staff to the CEO and works closely with POET’s local giving back efforts.

“Growing up, we volunteered as a family to deliver packages to families in need at Christmas. It is one of the multitude of ways our parents taught us the true importance of giving back, one we are blessed to be a part of to this day at POET.”

As the world’s largest producer of biofuels, POET is a leader in creating renewable products that benefit global health, reduce climate change and improve overall sustainability efforts in the U.S. and around the world.

Approximately 2 billion gallons of ethanol are produced each year at POET’s 27 bioprocessing facilities, while global ethanol production and use reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the equivalent of taking 20 million vehicles off the road each year. And it doesn’t stop there — POET also is leading the way with innovative, revolutionary bioproducts like high-quality animal feed and renewable alternatives to petroleum-based products, which further its work to increase demand for agriculture, address the climate crisis and lower worldwide food prices.

Jeff Broin has led the company since day one with the mind-set of making the world a better place – both locally and globally.

“POET’s impact can be seen not only throughout local communities but also in countries across the world,” said Miranda Broin, POET creative coordinator and one of the co-founders of Seeds of Change. “The life-changing work we’re able to do to serve others is more important than ever.”

Seeds of Change, POET’s nonprofit organization, is further expanding on POET’s mission to change the world by transforming education, agriculture and environmental conditions worldwide.

“Seeds of Change was founded on our belief that every person is entitled to clean air, quality education and a reliable food supply. Each of our core missions is fueled by our desire to empower communities across the globe by providing the education and resources necessary for people to direct their own paths out of poverty. We’re working to transform not only individual lives but the future of agriculture, renewable energy and entire economies of developing nations,” said Miranda Broin, who also serves as secretary of the board for Seeds of Change.

The people of POET look forward to another exciting year of changing the world – both through their continued mission of sustainability and growing their philanthropic efforts – in 2020.

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POET lives out its mission locally and globally

“It’s our responsibility to serve in the community we call home.” As POET proves, making the world a better place can start at home.

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