Sanford Sports Complex adding gymnastics center

By Rosemary McCoy

Sanford Sports Complex is adding gymnastics to its lineup with the addition of Power & Grace Gymnastics.

The owners of Power & Grace bought more than an acre from the complex in northwest Sioux Falls and plan to build a 16,000-square-foot gym.

“We have outgrown our facility and need more room,” said Kathy Champoux, who owns Power & Grace with her husband, Dennis.

They have been training gymnasts in Sioux Falls since 1999, operating for most of that time from a building they lease at 1908 N. Jennifer Place, near Russell Street and Interstate 29.

One of the biggest additions will be a second competition-size floor.

“That’s a lot of extra space for us. It allows us to keep our recreation programs growing without being in the way of our competitive teams.”

Power & Grace serves about 500 kids ages 2 to 18 with its gymnastics and cheer programs. The business employs 25 staff members, most of whom work part time.

The new building also will feature in-ground equipment and trampolines and twice as much space for the preschool program.

Power & Grace will be on Bobhalla Drive, across from the Scheel’s IcePlex.

Mark Luke Construction will serve as the general contractor for the $1.5 million project.

“We hope to be moving dirt within a week, and, depending on the winter, we hope to get into the facility in early June,” Champoux said.

The couple is excited about the opportunity.

“We want to offer a better avenue of training for the kids we have coming to us,” she said.

For the Sanford Sports Complex, “it was a match made in heaven,” said Matt Ditmanson, director of business development. “It was less than a year in the making. We couldn’t be more excited for them to join us. … It’s a perfect complement to our offerings.”

He also noted the coincidental connection with the word “power” in Power & Grace and Sanford Power, which is the health systems’ sports and athletic training program that’s based at the complex.

“Just the name itself is a match,” he said.

The complex started to take shape five years ago with the Sanford Fieldhouse, followed shortly after that by the Pentagon.

“We’re just shy of 500 acres left to develop,” and Sanford is looking at “expansion possibilities,”  Ditmanson said.

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Sanford Sports Complex adding gymnastics center

Power & Grace Gymnastics has filed an application with the city to build a training center in northwest Sioux Falls.

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