Putting Fruit Club apricots to the taste test

This piece is presented by The Fruit Club.

They’re flavorful, snack-able and trucked directly from a Washington grower.

But the first thing most people notice about The Fruit Club apricots is their size.

Take a look at The Fruit Club apricot, on the left in this photo, next to a store-bought one.

We thought it was time to see what would happen when we brought four fruit fans together and had them taste a Fruit Club apricot and a store-bought one.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but we felt pretty good about our chances of being the top pick. Here’s what our taste-testers had to say:

Name: Jeanie

Occupation: Mom, consultant

Before the taste test: “I love apricots, and you don’t get them much around here,” Jeanie told us. “But I hate fruit that tastes like cardboard.”

Visual reaction: “Fruit Club apricots are definitely a deeper color. You see several shades of orange. The store-bought looks almost yellow.”

Taste test: “It’s OK, not a lot of flavor,” Jeanie said eating the store-bought apricot. Then, when she bit into The Fruit Club one, she exclaimed, “Oh my gosh. There’s a huge difference. There’s a lot more texture and a lot more flavor.”

Name: Imalay

Occupation: College student

Before the taste test: “I think I’ve maybe had an apricot. My mom likes the dried ones.”

Visual reaction: “The store-bought ones are definitely smaller.”

Taste test: “I’m not a big fan,” she said about the store one. “This one is definitely sweeter,” she said, tasting The Fruit Club one. “It’s not as hard. Yeah, I like this one.”

Name: Jessie

Occupation: Mom, nonprofit manager

Before the taste test: “I’ve had cherries, peaches and apples from The Fruit Club but never the apricots. I’ve picked up lots and ordered online and through Facebook.”

Visual reaction: “You can tell these are picked and shipped,” she said, pointing to The Fruit Club apricots. “They have variety in their size and shape.”

Taste test: “This doesn’t taste like much. There’s not a lot of flavor, but the color is good,” she said about the store-bought apricot. “This is really good,” she said, biting into The Fruit Club one. “It just has really good flavor. It’s delicious.”

Name: Aiden

Occupation: Soon-to-be seventh grader

Before the taste test: “I’m pretty sure I’ve had an apricot before.”

Visual reaction: Noticed the size difference right away.

Taste test: “It’s savory. It’s good,” he said, trying the store-bought one. “Yeah, this one’s really good,” he said, trying The Fruit Club one. “Not too sweet.”

Thanks to our taste-testers!

Want to try them for yourself? You can still pick up apricots at The Fruit Club Market at 41st Street and Western Avenue or order them here.

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Putting Fruit Club apricots to the taste test

We thought it was time to see what would happen when we brought four fruit fans together and had them taste a Fruit Club apricot alongside a store-bought one.

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