Range of jobs delivers unique opportunities at MetaBank

Oct. 3, 2018

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MetaBank is always hiring, but some of the jobs available likely will surprise you.

As a fast-growing company that combines financial services and technology, Meta’s jobs at the Sioux Falls headquarters range from corporate services to cutting-edge opportunities.

IT development

This is what helps put the “tech” in a fintech company.

Meta’s team of IT developers work in areas from software engineers to testing.

Software engineer Kent Duncan is on the leading edge of tech development at Meta, building the foundation for the products and services the company delivers to the financial community.

“We have an opportunity to work with very interesting customers and help solve their problems,” he said. “And I feel our opinions are really valued. It’s a very open-minded culture.”

Products developed in IT also need to be tested. That’s where team members like Tiffany Fluit contribute.

She’s a senior test analyst, helping improve the quality of Meta’s innovative products and solutions.

“I really enjoy the emerging technology that we focus on,” she said. “We’re helping customers bank smarter, and things are always changing. We learn together and collaborate across our teams, using everyone’s skill sets to make something great.”

Internal communications

An organization of 1,200 people and growing needs an effective system of communication. With its rapid growth through acquisition over the past four years, Meta eventually needed a full-time employee as a distribution point for all communications.  Enter Kristin Cooke, Meta’s communications specialist.

Cooke benchmarked best practices across local companies that had multiple business lines and divisions and repurposed the intranet portal, MetaWEB, as the conduit of information.

She also introduced a new weekly e-newsletter that goes out to all employees. The rapid transformation of new and existing channels quickly became the hub of information for employees. Now, the company is starting to use social media to attract new talent and create buzz in the community about Meta.

“I’ve enjoyed creating and implementing Meta’s communication strategy with the full support of the business,” Cooke said. “As Meta continues to grow, the biggest challenge will continue to be making communication across our lines of business more effective than what it was previously.”

ATM marketplace

Here’s a lesser known fact about Meta: It’s the industry’s largest sponsor of ATMs with over 230,000 ATMs in the U.S., and almost half of the market share of all ATMs across the country. It’s connected to the majority of retail, or non-bank, ATMs nationwide, which offers a variety of jobs for Meta employees.

Jon White works as a liaison between ATM independent sales organizations, or ISOs, processors, associations, manufacturers and the bank for program development and implementation.

“Very few banks in the U.S. do what we do,” White said. “We were the leader in establishing oversight with regulators, which positioned us well.”

Meta-sponsored ATMs can be found at major sporting events, concerts, airports, convenience stores and remote areas where they sometimes are the only access to banking.

“We’re the industry leader,” White said. “We bring knowledge, experience and a commitment to compliance. And because we have such diverse clients, my job allows me to meet a wide range of people. I’ve traveled to every client and gotten to know many different ISO owners and operators.”

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Range of jobs delivers unique opportunities at MetaBank

MetaBank is always hiring, but some of the jobs available likely will surprise you.

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