Ratchford: Freedom and dignity

July 1, 2019

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By Tony Ratchford

This month we celebrate our national independence. The Declaration of Independence gave us an opportunity to pursue a more independent life, and the U.S. Constitution gives us the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

These words opened the door for us to become the strongest and most successful country in the world for the longest period of time. Unfortunately, too many people haven’t read either document, nor understand how they were developed and composed.

The Founding Fathers were some of the most brilliant scholars of their time. They were highly educated, worldly and learned from history; they recognized the weaknesses of the Old World and attempted to avoid painful lessons for the New World.

Regardless of one’s belief, the constitution has been a good guide for centuries. Our early leaders forged a foundation of strength fostered by freedom of speech and natural law principles. Ideas put forth by the likes of Adam Smith, James Madison and John Locke advocated individual freedom, land ownership and limited government.

The constitution gives us the right to own real estate in its purest form, beyond any other country. Never before in the world had an individual been allowed to own land freely. This alone was the basis for the statement of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Capitalism expanded beyond land ownership. Colonists wished for an opportunity to be free and do as they choose, without the heavy hand of government. Freedom was the driving force behind the colonies, as many people escaped from persecution on the mainland and demanded they be left alone. Free will and logic were paramount.

There was dignity among the colonists, respect for the individual and their neighbor, and common principles of self-worth, labor, survival and self-sufficiency. They took pride in their accomplishments and their country. Interestingly, they had high levels of participation in community and church.

Real estate ownership continues to be the foundation of this country’s freedom and that which separates us from most of the world. Many people gave their lives to build and protect this right. It might do us some good to revisit the world of the past and discover how we got here; start talking more about how to preserve the goodness and abundance we have rather than trying to tear it apart. It probably would be good to discover a new level of dignity as well.

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Wishing you the best!

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Ratchford: Freedom and dignity

“The constitution gives us the right to own real estate in its purest form, beyond any other country. Never before in the world was an individual allowed to own land freely.” As real estate columnist Tony Ratchford writes, it’s an important reminder this Fourth of July.

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