Ratchford: Mind-set of contribution leads to largest real estate company

June 4, 2018

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By Tony Ratchford

The ultimate outcome for nearly everyone I speak with is a desire for happiness. Just over six years ago, a handful of us decided to create a new opportunity for agents and their clients. It was based on a premise of value creation — agents doing more for their clients than the clients can do for themselves.

We started Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls with four agents and have more than 220 today. How did this happen so quickly that we’re now the largest real estate company ever in the state of South Dakota?

It began with asking the question “How do we help our clients have a better outcome?” The answer lies in a mind-set of contribution.

I listened to a renowned speaker recently, and he spoke of such a premise. It was based on our ability to think of the other person first. This is not about enabling anyone but making sure the other person benefits more from knowing and working with us rather than not. Create a win-win scenario for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Maximizing your dollars.

Saving you valuable time.

Minimizing inconveniences.

Giving you peace of mind knowing you are doing the right thing at the right time.

Can it really get better than that?

One might wonder how we do it or even why. The why is easy: It’s the belief of giving first, knowing rewards for everyone will manifest itself from there. How we do it is constantly focusing on new and better ways to deliver a better outcome. Learning more efficient ways of handling processes, engaging in greater internet marketing and investing more time understanding what’s most important to you, the client, is the difference.

One could think buying and selling a house is easy. It can be, but it doesn’t mean one has maximized the opportunity. And what happens if something goes wrong? The goal for all of us at The Tony Ratchford Group, and hopefully all KW Realty agents, is that the outcome overall is much greater than if one did it on their own or with another agent not associated with KW Realty. Something is different or our growth and production levels wouldn’t be leading the city and state.

The market in general is good. Yet if one wants greater happiness with the outcome, one still needs to have a full picture of the opportunity, a comprehensive understanding of how market conditions can affect the dollars and a fluid process for action. We have a proven process to accomplish just that.

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Ratchford: Mind-set of contribution leads to largest real estate company

It started with four agents and has grown to more than 200. Here’s the story behind Keller Williams’ success.

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