Ratchford: This Thanksgiving, embrace an attitude of gratitude

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By Tony Ratchford

In 1621, a tradition of giving thanks began when the Pilgrims and Native Indians celebrated a bountiful harvest. Abraham Lincoln made the tradition official in 1863, as a Nation to celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of each November. This was to be a time for reflection on the goodness of the year.

When studying the lives of great people, we find many of them discovered their best success when humility was present; that lead to more gratitude, and finally into greater contribution.

Perhaps, when abundance is so plentiful it’s easier to be so. Although, a few year ago, while on vacation in the Caribbean, I encountered one of the happiness people I’ve met. When I asked her why, she simple stated, “It’s a beautiful day.” To her that was enough, and her gift was to help everyone around feel the same way. Obviously, happiness is in the eye of the beholder.

Most of us go about our lives without much discourse, and accept what life gives us. Then there are those who can’t seem to find much good in anything; I wonder what happened to make them so cynical. My guess is they have forgotten how to be grateful for what they have.

One thing we know is life can always be better, and it can always be worse. It’s our attitude and how we approach the day that determines our direction and destiny.

Once we embrace the goodness of life, gratitude becomes a natural path, and lifts us to a new level of contribution; which is simply an act or action that helps someone else have a better life.

This may seem a little corny, yet it works. All of us at the Ratchford Group approach our duty as helping those we serve with a desire of delivering the best outcome. This, along with earning your trust, continues to be our principal purpose and our greatest reward.

We welcome the opportunity to share our proven process of maximizing your dollars, saving you valuable time, and helping you find peace of mind.

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Wishing you a great celebration of thanksgiving this month, and throughout the year.

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Ratchford: This Thanksgiving, embrace an attitude of gratitude

A few years ago, on a Caribbean vacation, Tony Ratchford met one of the happiest people he has ever known. The message behind the meeting and other reflections this Thanksgiving are in his monthly column.

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