Ratchford: Your path determines direction

June 3, 2019

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By Tony Ratchford

Andy Stanley wrote a book titled “The Principle of the Path.” It’s about how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Robert Schuller and Norman Vincent Peale also preached many years about positive thinking.

I was visiting with someone the other day; things weren’t going too well for him, and he asked how he might get back on track. It didn’t take long to discover his bad habits were impeding his progress and performance. We spoke about destination and dreams of the future, yet his actions didn’t match what was necessary for him to reach the goal. The path was headed in the wrong direction.

This is an issue with many people, including myself. It seems too easy to get off track or make a mistake of getting on the wrong path from the start. Mostly, we don’t give enough thought to what one needs to do to get where one wants to go.

Fifteen years ago, I developed a process to help clients discover greater clarity about what’s important to them about moving, plus develop a plan for them to follow. Surprisingly, it also works when something isn’t working and there is a need for adjustment.

Coupling this process with Andy Stanley’s simple plan of making sure one is on the right path can offer remarkable results. Having a great attitude can help too!

Interestingly, there are many who disbelieve in this theory. Their reference points don’t allow them to accept the premise. They argue for their limitations and look for why it won’t work. Negative thoughts can be destructive.

There is plenty of evidence of how positive thinking and belief can actually affect an outcome. Why someone would intentionally sabotage their opportunities or destroy their environment around them is anyone guess, yet they do it too often. Perhaps it’s just a matter of choice.

Winning where everyone benefits ought to be the goal. We begin by expecting a great outcome. The next step is to develop a list of proper habits, adjusting one’s behavior and having exceptional clarity about the path you need to be on. Finally, monitor your direction, and you’ll ultimately reach the desired destination.

You may be wondering how this applies to real estate. There are several ways. First, we need a good economy for people to have enough confidence and money to act, which means we need our leaders to perform their duties with positive action that is helpful. Secondly, we know the Dream Home Process, along with good habits and positive attitude, will help you maximize your outcome.

We are certain: You’ll love the final destination and invite you to call or text 605-359-4100.

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Ratchford: Your path determines direction

Thinking about moving? There’s a proven thought process to follow that also can help you in life.

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