Raven’s Sean Turgeon driven by ‘solving great challenges’

This week’s Up-and-Comer is Sean Turgeon, a business and communications specialist at Raven Aerostar.

Name: Sean Turgeon

Age: 24

Hometown: Sioux Falls

What brought you to Sioux Falls?

Both my wife, Rachael, and I grew up in Sioux Falls. After serving as missionaries with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students — FOCUS — in Boulder, Colo., for two years, we were eager to return home to family and friends. We can’t imagine raising our family anywhere else.

What keeps you in Sioux Falls?

Sioux Falls boasts a unique vibrancy. With an unparalleled combination of people, industries and amenities, it’s hard for me to name a place more special.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

For over 60 years, Raven has leveraged ideation and innovation to solve the world’s greatest challenges. As a team member at Raven, I am given the opportunity to preserve and continue this mission each day. Furthermore, Raven has established a culture that ensures its team members are empowered, challenged and valued. As the business and communications specialist for Raven Aerostar, I am heavily involved in our business development and marketing efforts. We have groundbreaking technologies that are radically enhancing security and connecting the world, and our team is determined to maintain a lead in the markets we serve.

How did you get connected to your industry?

During my college years at the University of South Dakota, I was fortunate enough to participate in Raven’s world-class internship program for two summers. As a business development intern, I was immersed in the diverse business segments that Raven serves and immediately developed a thirst to provide meaningful results as a full-time team member. After serving as a FOCUS missionary for two years, I had the incredible opportunity to rejoin the team at Raven Aerostar, where we are shaping the stratospheric market with the world’s most advanced and reliable lighter-than-air technologies.

Describe your workplace in three words.

Solving great challenges.

What’s one business you’d like to see in Sioux Falls that isn’t here now?

The fresh-format grocery market is growing rapidly across the nation. After living in Boulder, Colo., for two years, I saw the benefits of fresh, organic and limited-assortment groceries. I believe Sioux Falls would benefit from an increased presence of fresh-format groceries such as Trader Joe’s or Sprouts.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

On a professional level, I hope to still be a valued team member at Raven providing meaningful results and market strength to the business segments we serve. Whether it be feeding the world at Raven Applied Technology, preserving natural resources at Raven Engineered Films or enhancing security and connecting the world at Raven Aerostar, I hope to be solving great challenges here at Raven.

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Raven’s Sean Turgeon driven by ‘solving great challenges’

This week’s Up-and-Comer is Sean Turgeon, a business and communications specialist at Raven Aerostar.

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