Ready for your freezer: Twin Bing Ice Cream by the quart

Nov. 13, 2020

Twin Bing Ice Cream made by a local creamery will be coming to retailers across the region.

Stensland Family Farms has been making limited quantities of the ice cream with candy bar chunks to sell in its retail stores a handful of times over the past two years. It has been a sell-out hit with fans of the iconic twin mounds of cherry cream dipped in chocolate and covered in crushed peanuts.

Now, that licensing agreement with the Sioux City-based maker of the candy bar, Palmer Candy Co., has been expanded to include an exclusive deal to sell Twin Bing Ice Cream in quarts.

“It’s such a Midwest staple candy bar,” said Leah Moller, a Stensland family owner who manages retail operations and marketing. “They’re a family-owned and operated company like we are too, which is awesome.”

The creamery is working with a distributor on additional retail locations, Moller said, but for now, the quarts are available in Stensland’s three Sioux Falls stores and in the shop at the farm near Larchwood, Iowa. They’ll be available year-round.

“More distribution locations are coming soon, including Sioux City,” Moller said. Palmer plans to stock the ice cream in its retail shop at its plant, and “we’ve got a great partnership with Lewis Drug, and I can’t doubt it will be in there,” she said.

Twin Bing Ice Cream quarts are a little more expensive than Stensland’s other offerings because of the featured ingredient.

Palmer is shipping pallets of unwrapped candy bars to the creamery for production, Moller said. The Stensland family has always been fans of Twin Bing, she said, and it’s her parents favorite candy bar.

The ice cream also is available by the scoop at Stensland’s retail shops and at Falls Overlook Cafe at Falls Park, which Stensland operates.

Another local business has a licensing agreement with Palmer for a co-branded product. Fernson Brewing Co. began releasing Twin Bing Stout in limited offerings in April.

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Ready for your freezer: Twin Bing Ice Cream by the quart

Twin Bing Ice Cream made by Stensland Family Farms is available now in quarts and will be coming to retailers across the region.

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