Ready to ride into spring? Your job could land you savings on a new vehicle

March 22, 2019

This paid piece is sponsored by Luxury Auto Mall.

It’s probably not the first thing you think to mention when buying or leasing a vehicle, but at Luxury Auto Mall, your job could save you money.

Major employers such as 3M, Morgan Stanley, Northwestern Mutual and United Airlines are part of a corporate partnership program offered by luxury manufacturers.

“They’re model-specific and vary somewhat throughout the year, but these unique partnerships are definitely a way to get you into a luxury vehicle for an even lower price,” general manager Mike Chaplin said.

For employees of Avera Health, Orthopedic Institute and Sanford Health, Luxury Auto Mall negotiated with the manufacturers so they can take advantage of the platform.

“Most large business are on there,” Chaplin said. “For instance, any Target employee qualifies for that corporate sponsorship because of their parent company. So the best thing to do is ask us when you come in to see if your employer qualifies.”

And it’s a great time to stop in. All three manufacturers at Luxury Auto Mall are bringing in new models this year. Here’s a peek at what to expect.


The long-awaited BMW X7 has arrived. It’s the largest SUV made by BMW, and it’s already going fast.

“We’ve had a lot of demand. The first five or six that came in were already pre-sold,” Chaplin said. “But we will have a couple launch vehicles in, so you can come try it, and we’ll help take it from there if you’re interested.”

If that’s a little large for you, the new 2019 X5 also is in and delighting drivers with its all-new redesign, featuring more power and better fuel economy.


We’ll have to watch a little later in the year for the new Cadillac Escalade and CT6-V to arrive.

“We’ve already pre-ordered a CT6-V for a customer,” Chaplin said. “They’re going to be in very limited supply. Could we get another one? Maybe. We hope so. But let us know as soon as possible.”

In the meantime, take a look at the new XT6. It’s coming in mid-2019 and is the brand’s first three-row crossover SUV.

“The great thing is the size,” Chaplin said. “It’s similar to a Ford Explorer. The price point will be $50,000 to $60,000, so you don’t have to stretch as you might to get into an Escalade.”


The new Mercedes A class has arrived, an entirely new sedan with a new generation of user-friendly technology.

“It’s all about the user experience,” Chaplin said. “That’s what you’re starting to see from the manufacturers. Tesla was the leader in this effort. And now it’s all about the experience inside.”

Keep watching for more from Mercedes, which will bring in the new GLE in early April. The newly reimagined SUV will be equipped with an all-new user experience as well, including augmented reality for enhanced navigation.

Don’t forget pre-owned

Luxury Auto Mall also has a growing selection of pre-owned vehicles in a wide variety of luxury and value-priced models.

And for every used vehicle sold in March, Luxury will make a donation to the Avera Children’s Hospital.

To browse Luxury’s inventory and learn more about the services available, click here.

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Ready to ride into spring? Your job could land you savings on a new vehicle

When you see the amazing new luxury rides that are here for spring, you’re going to be even more glad to know your job might snag you a discount on one.

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