Restaurant delivery service to expand to Sioux Falls

March 21, 2018

A rapidly growing restaurant delivery service is expanding to Sioux Falls.

Bite Squad plans to be operating in the city “sometime this summer,” said Craig Key, chief marketing officer for the Minneapolis-based company.

“When we enter a market, we start to build a customer list,” Key said. Bite Squad has begun that process with a Facebook campaign. Customers can get a free meal by providing their email address.

The next step will be recruiting drivers and restaurants.

Rather than using contract drivers, Bite Squad drivers are employees, which helps provide consistent delivery service because they’re scheduled to work shifts, Key said. He expects to start with 50 to 75 drivers and hopes to reach 200.

“I don’t think that’s an unreasonable number.”

Customers pay a fee, typically $2 or $3, for the service, and Bite Squad requires a “small revenue share” with its restaurant partners, he said.

“It’s a great value proposition because we are busy when they typically are slow,” Key said of times when inclement weather keeps people at work or at home.

He expects Bite Squad to kick off operations with a variety of cuisines “for any mood that our customers are in.” In Minneapolis, diners can order from 500 restaurants, Key said.

“Everything about the Bite Squad model is technology-based,” he said. “There’s an app on each side for the drivers and the customers, and there’s a tablet in each restaurant kitchen.”

Bite Squad started in August 2012 in Minneapolis, has grown to 30 markets and, in addition to Sioux Falls, plans to add several more this summer.


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Restaurant delivery service to expand to Sioux Falls

Bite Squad plans to be operating in Sioux Falls this summer.

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