Rowing fitness studio opens at The Bridges

Dec. 18, 2019

A boutique fitness studio that focuses on indoor rowing has started with introductory classes and a light schedule as it builds a membership base.

“Our members do have a light skeletal schedule right now, and we have a free launch class for members of the public who can come in and give us a try,” said Tricia Safranski, who owns the Row House franchise with her husband, Michael.

The studio is at The Bridges at 57th on South Western Avenue in the same building as Flyboy Donuts. The exercise room is filled with a couple dozen rowing machines, and the classes build motivation and camaraderie by having everyone row together on the same stroke. The setting features a lighting and sound system that helps energize the rowers, and a certified coach leads each class.

“People love it. They get excited. There’s a power and a feeling that comes with that,” Safranski said of the group rowing together. “It motivates you to keep working harder.”

Once the membership base is built up, there will be about 35 classes every week, she said.

Several of the 45-minute sessions will be in the morning, starting as early as 5:15, with more in the midday and a couple in the evening. Row House also will offer options Saturday and Sunday mornings.

It’s a low-impact, high-energy workout that engages 85 percent of the body’s muscles with a low risk of injury, maximizing calorie burn, activating the core and ultimately improving posture. The studio offers a variety of classes, some that focus more on the technique of rowing and others that incorporate weightlifting or stretching.

There will be drop-in class rates and memberships for four, eight or unlimited classes each month. The first 100 members will get a 30 percent discount off their monthly fee for as long as they maintain their membership.

“Memberships are month to month,” Safranski said. “You don’t have to worry about long-term commitments.”

Row House started in 2014 in New York City and is owned and managed by the same company that operates Club Pilates. The Safranskis opened a Club Pilates franchise 2½ years ago, also at The Bridges.

“This is a great location,” Safranski said. “Traffic is good, and it has a nice proximity to potential customers.”

Rowing-based fitness business to open in Sioux Falls


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Rowing fitness studio opens at The Bridges

Row House, a rowing fitness center, has opened in Sioux Falls, offering classes that build motivation and camaraderie by having everyone pull together on the same stroke.

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