Saying thank you: MVP employees get star treatment

March 21, 2018

This piece is presented by Novak Sanitary Service.

From the outside looking in, it would be easy to think Novak Sanitary Service was hosting an appreciation event for some of its biggest, best customers.

The menu featured some of the best dishes at Morrie’s Steakhouse: Filet mignon, bone-in pork chop, ribeye.

There was an open bar.

The desserts were first-class.

But this wasn’t about saying thank you for business. It was a thank-you for outstanding company service.

“I think they were blown away,” Bob Novak said.

His honored guests likely would agree.

Recently, Novak and his team at Novak Sanitary hosted 29 MVPs: 25 of the company’s drivers and four mechanics who had a perfect record in 2017.

“They had perfect driving records. They never had an accident or injury. They were just exemplary employees,” Novak said.

“We did it last year on a smaller scale, and this year we decided to make it an even bigger deal, so hopefully next year 40 people get it.”

Invitations were mailed home to spouses, inviting them to bring their significant other.

“Because they earned it. And just as much credit goes to the spouse,” Novak said. “They kick them out of bed at 5 a.m. to get to work and encourage them to come home safe every day.”

As an added surprise, each household went home with a remote start for their vehicle.

“I think about half the spouses claimed the remote start,” Novak said. “It was really fun. If you give something with significance, they remember why they got it for a long time.”

The company will hold a similar appreciation event next year.

“We’ve always believed it’s better to honor success than to beat up people over mistakes,” Novak said. “We had a really great year in 2017; the economy is so strong in Sioux Falls and our team is a big part of it. There’s no doubt — they make us successful as a business.”

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Saying thank you: MVP employees get star treatment

It’s a meal — and a thank you — these Novak workers won’t soon forget. Take a look.

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