Skyforce suites offer one-of-a-kind game experience for clients, staff

Jan. 8, 2020

This paid piece is sponsored by the Sioux Falls Skyforce.

Don Jacobs has plenty of opportunities within his line of work to offer customers and colleagues a night out together. The goal is to build goodwill via entertainment and fellowship.

The people who are part of these occasions are all ages. Often, those invited are encouraged to bring their families along.

That’s why Jacobs chooses to represent his company, Results Radio/Townsquare Media, by offering the chance to watch a Sioux Falls Skyforce game in a suite at the Sanford Pentagon.

It builds easily on the Skyforce’s brand established over three decades of pro basketball in Sioux Falls. The target for this G League franchise owned by the NBA’s Miami Heat and operated by the Heineman family is to deliver elite-level sports entertainment and fellowship in a family setting.

For Jacobs, that’s a plan that checks all the boxes.

“Our clients get a bonding experience with their co-workers,” said Jacobs, general manager and vice president for Results Radio/Townsquare Media. “They get that bonding, they’re entertained, and they eat great food. And given that it’s a suite, you have room to get up and walk around. It’s a much more relaxed environment.”

Suites at basketball venues have been around for a long time, but nowhere are they quite like some of the spaces the Skyforce can offer at the Pentagon. It includes four suites where fans are looking almost directly over the court.

“It provides a unique perspective on basketball,” Skyforce president Mike Heineman said. “They’re basically courtside seats 20 feet up. It’s a neat view of the game — a cool place to be as far as a basketball game is concerned.”

When Heineman is giving first-timer tours of this facility, which opened in 2013, those areas are always the first stop.

“Very few places do you see suites like that,” Heineman said. “Not only does it provide a unique perspective on the game, they’re also very nice rooms. They’re well thought-out.”

These “Game Day” suites occupy two of the arena’s four corners and comfortably hold 50 people each. They offer full menus and bar service, VIP parking, game programs, private restrooms and Midco television.

The suites have become a popular option, and one that, once experienced, often warrants a return trip for those who are looking for some of the same things Jacobs has grown to appreciate via his frequent usage.

“Most of the buyers are businesses,” said Jeremy DeCurtins, Skyforce vice president and general manager. “We have a lot of financial institutions, financial services-type companies serving the sales function. They’ll bring out a handful of their clients. I’d call it a creative way to build on relationships with your customers.”

As DeCurtins explained, not a lot of people have the time to spend four hours golfing these days, nor does the typical business lunch pack much of a sales punch, especially when they usually involve just one client at a time.

“We’ve seen an opportunity in the Pentagon that we didn’t have in the old Arena,” DeCurtins said. “Our target is the business community in Sioux Falls that wants a unique experience, either for an employee team-building type of event or for client appreciation.”

KSOO-AM, a Results Radio/Townsquare Media station, has been airing Skyforce games for all of the franchise’s 31 years. The switch from the Sioux Falls Arena to the Pentagon made a nice fit for Jacobs.

The Skyforce has 11 suites in all. Prices ranges from $600 to $1,750 a game with capacities of 12 to 50. All suite options include a wide array of food and beverage packages.

“We’ve never had anyone say, ‘Ah, that wasn’t any fun,’ ” Jacobs said. “They’ve always said: ‘Hey, we really appreciated that. We had a lot of fun.’ It’s just a great time.”

There are still suite nights available this season. Those interested in scheduling a suite can call the Skyforce at 605-332-0605.

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Skyforce suites offer one-of-a-kind game experience for clients, staff

Looking for a unique experience for your clients or employees? These suites stand out.

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