Sun ‘N Fun to move as spa business expands

May 2, 2019

Both Sun ‘N Fun Specialty Sports and Hot Spring Spas of Sioux Falls will soon have new locations.

Sun ‘N Fun is moving from 1605 W. 41st St. to 3600 W. 43rd St., the former Black Hills Beauty College space.

Owner Jason Krause has been looking for a new location since he bought the business about three years ago.

“We finally found the right space,” he said. “We looked at dozens, and owning made the most sense, and this size building doesn’t come along often. It screamed that it could be a long-lasting home.”

His store is more of a destination for shoppers and doesn’t require the visibility of 41st Street, he said. But his growing online business does require a more efficient layout for shipping and receiving.

Three years ago, there was no e-commerce at Sun ‘N Fun. It’s now about 30 percent of the business and on track to be 60 percent of sales, mitigating the seasonality and unpredictability that can hurt it locally.

The new space is 9,500 square feet, compared with 6,000 in the old one, and will allow for more inventory and a better way of displaying it.

“And there will be lounge spaces, so people can hang out there,” Krause said. “We used to have room to do that, and we’re doing it again, which will be nice.”

He’s also aiming for a higher-quality customer experience in the store.

“We’ll be able to do more of that, and I like to think the communal aspect of Sun ‘N Fun is cool,” he said. “The backgrounds of people who shop there are so different, but those people all have something in common, and they get along.”

The plan is to be open in the new space in June.

Hot Spring Spas is taking over theSun ‘N Fun space on 41st Street and moving its store from 3605 W. 57th St.

It’s owned by Tom and Rachael Junck, who also own Combined Pool & Spa.

They’re taking over the space June 1 and will update it.

“We’ll be making the building inside more of a high-end spa feel, like if you were to walk into a spa for a massage, more of that relaxed feel,” Rachael Junck said.

“It’s not going to look like a hot tub and pool store necessarily. We’re going for more of a high-end look inside there to even more match the way the hot tubs are going.”

They will more than double the space for Hot Spring Spas, which they bought about four years ago.

“We’re excited because we’re looking for something with more exposure that’s easier to see and find,” Junck said. “At Combined Pool & Spa we’ve been around a long time, but Hot Spring Spas actually has been around longer – just not under our ownership. It’s growing and growing fast.”

They hope to open in the new space by August.

“It’s lots more space outside for displays, and we’re super excited to see what’s going to go in behind us with Shopko going out, so that whole area will be fun to see updated and grow at the same time,” Junck said.

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Sun ‘N Fun to move as spa business expands

Both Sun ‘N Fun Specialty Sports and Hot Spring Spas of Sioux Falls will soon have new locations.

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