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Lunar eclipse of real estate: Why Sioux Falls is both buyer and seller’s market

Lunar eclipses don’t happen often — and neither do real estate markets like this. Our columnist Tara Allen has a fascinating look at what she has been seeing.

7 months ago

What’s COVID-19 doing to real estate? It’s not all bad

Real estate is not the same – but it’s not all bad, either. The numbers in March might look better than you would have expected.

10 months ago

How is the coronavirus affecting the real estate market?

Think there’s no way anyone would consider buying a house amid the uncertainty of the new coronavirus? It’s actually the opposite.

11 months ago

New designs, smartphone technology make this a great time to update your blinds

March 27, 2019

This paid piece is sponsored by the Allen Edge Real Estate Team.

Whether you’re buying a home or wanting an update, blinds are an easy and effective way to add color, style and light to a room. Tara Allen of the Allen Edge Real Estate Team takes a look at the newest trends for 2019 at Budget Blinds.


2 years ago

Heating and cooling tips for homeowners and sellers

Feb. 19, 2019

This paid piece is sponsored by Allen Edge Real Estate Team.

Has this winter taken a toll on your furnace? Or made you realize your humidifier needs help? Maybe you’re thinking of selling your home this year. Your heating and cooling equipment should be assessed either way. Tara Allen of Allen Edge Real Estate Team has valuable advice from Roger’s Plumbing & Heating.


2 years ago

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