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Here’s a look at this week’s People You Should Know.

4 months ago

Small businesses: Address fraud, prevent problems with these steps

Fraud can be devastating to any business but especially to a small one with limited resources. And unfortunately, cases of it appear to be growing.

2 years ago

Small businesses find HR support through accounting relationship

Many small-business owners could use a little help in human resources from time to time but don’t have enough work to support a full-time employee or department. That’s where she can help.

2 years ago

Business overcomes challenges to help special needs clients

Twin brothers got into business to meet the needs of people who struggle with even the most basic communication, but the business’ journey also presented its share of challenges.

2 years ago

Cain Ellsworth marks 50 years with original clients still on board and an eye toward the future

 It says a lot about a firm that on its 50th anniversary, clients from the original day in business will be at the celebration.

2 years ago

Production company focuses on core creative approach while realizing growth isn’t only goal

“I’d convinced myself that was what we needed to do. Take on more, staff, get a bigger office, just grow, grow, grow.” Sound familiar? You’ll want to learn what Passenger Productions did after working with experts at Cain Ellsworth.

2 years ago

Tax time is almost over: Here’s how to make the most of the season

Tax season is winding down, but signing your return really is just the start of how you should be using it.

2 years ago

Accountant enjoys going ‘beyond the numbers’

Meet this week’s Up-and-Comer Tommy Pollema, an accountant at Cain Ellsworth & Company LLP.

2 years ago

What a leader will look like in 2025

The year 2025 isn’t that far away. And in the next seven years, the only certainty is that the qualities a business leader will need will continue to change.

2 years ago

Managing change to be focus of chamber workshop

Building an organization that can innovate and adapt for the future is the focus of a workshop March 6 from the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

2 years ago

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