COVID-19 survey

Sioux Falls residents show continued reluctance to dine in restaurants, attend events

From restaurant dining to events, activities and worshipping, we asked Sioux Falls residents how comfortable they are going back.

2 months ago

Back to school, working from home: Sioux Falls residents share how it’s going

School generally is going better or as parents expected during COVID-19, and most who are working from home would like to continue it, at least part time.

2 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: The year of we and you

“What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in 2020?” We asked, and your answers showed why 2021 has to be “the year of we and you.”

2 months ago

Remembering the good: Sioux Falls shares 2020 moments, memories

2020 definitely wasn’t all bad. You shared some powerful, personal moments that make this a year to remember — in a good way.

2 months ago

Sioux Falls residents weigh in on COVID-19 response, masking, vaccinations

We asked and you answered: What readers told us about our community’s response to COVID, masking, vaccination and much more.

2 months ago

Survey results: Sioux Falls residents have continued anxiety, few sources of trusted information about COVID-19

Mental health, medical care and where they go to find trusted information about COVID-19 (if anywhere): Our survey respondents told us.

2 months ago

Take our new survey: How are you handling COVID-19?

Have you had COVID-19? How was it? Do you plan to get the vaccine? We want to know what life is like for you as we end 2020, so please take our short survey!

3 months ago

Ready to return to the gym? How about a haircut? Survey yields mixed opinions

From visiting a hair salon to getting back to the gym, here’s what our survey respondents had to say about revisiting their usual stops.

8 months ago

Returning to worship? Many say they’re still waiting

Many in Sioux Falls who attend church aren’t ready to go back in person yet, our newest survey found.

8 months ago

Residents lift up local businesses for COVID-19 safety measures

We asked readers which businesses are doing the best job recovering from COVID-19. Here’s what they told us.

8 months ago

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