Dakota State University takes action to address cybersecurity workforce shortage

Dakota State University has been awarded two grants by the National Security Agency to help promote and ensure a greater workforce in cybersecurity.

3 weeks ago

Why cybersecurity awareness at work is everyone’s business

Cybersecurity is everyone’s business: How to make sure your leaders, staff and even board members are helping create the right cyber culture in your organization.

2 months ago

Growing the federal cyber workforce: Hear from national leaders

More than one in three government cyber positions remain open, and experts brought together by DSU say the country needs bold actions to advance its cyber workforce.

3 months ago

Protecting your identity during COVID pandemic

COVID isn’t the only virus lurking out there. Be extra cautious online to make sure you don’t become a victim of scams, identity theft and other bad actors.

4 months ago

How to prevent, detect, respond to cybersecurity incidents

Your business must address three general areas of cybersecurity: prevention, detection and response. This guide will help you assess how you’re doing.

4 months ago

Old phishing threats are new again, so keep your guard up

Figures: COVID-19 means a greater chance your computer or network could end up with a virus too. Here’s how to stay ahead of the hackers.

8 months ago

‘The cyber state’ takes shape with first-of-its-kind research center

It’s a way to keep cyber-trained graduates in South Dakota, attract others back and grow related businesses in this area. Come with us for a look inside the Madison Cyber Labs.

1 year ago

Recent hacks, scams could threaten your cybersecurity

Think you’re cybersecurity-savvy? Big surprise: The criminals are getting smarter too. Here’s how they’re now using artificial intelligence to try to scam you and your business.

1 year ago

Wonder how hackers use your personal data? See for yourself at the Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference

Think your firewall means you’re safe from cybercriminal activity? A speaker coming to Sioux Falls as part of this conference says think again.

2 years ago

Free event to help businesses understand, anticipate and prepare for cyberattacks

“Training for today’s tactics or even surmising what tomorrow’s tactics may be will fall short the day after tomorrow.” Think you’re current on cybersecurity for your business? There’s a reason this is a free annual event! Catch up on the threats this Thursday.

2 years ago

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