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As tourism begins to return, new guide will help travel planners connect to Sioux Falls

Travel planning is starting to come back, and there’s a new one-stop source for making the most out of your trip to Sioux Falls.

2 weeks ago

Experience Sioux Falls launches website to showcase Sioux Falls

Travelers of all types now have a new, enhanced way to experience Sioux Falls online as they consider a trip here.

1 month ago

Five can’t-miss Sioux Falls holiday season activities

There’s still plenty happening to get you in the holiday spirit this year. Don’t miss these five experiences guaranteed to leave you feeling more festive.

3 months ago

Love Sioux Falls? Here’s your guide to gifting it

Did your family or friends have to miss a trip here this year? How about sending them a slice of Sioux Falls for the holidays? Shop local and you’re guaranteed a win-win.

3 months ago

Looking forward: Travel plans for Sioux Falls slowly taking shape

Good news: Travel planners are starting to schedule future events, and that includes renewed interest in coming to Sioux Falls.

4 months ago

Business travel during the pandemic presents no one-size-fits-all solution

Add travel approaches and policies to the growing list of pandemic-related challenges businesses find themselves navigating.

5 months ago

City launches program to ‘figure out how we co-exist with COVID-19 over the winter’

A new program championed by the city of Sioux Falls called Sioux Falls Alive aims to give people safe programs and events during the fall and winter months.

5 months ago

Travel coalition: Even booking a trip will give you a boost in happiness

Hospitality and travel has always helped lead to happiness — and during these tumultuous times, new research finds that even the thought of travel can be enough to boost your mood.

6 months ago

Well-known hotels make major improvements as travelers begin to come back

As guests are returning to hotels citywide, they’re discovering new and improved spaces. Take a look!

7 months ago

Travel packages offer new options for those looking to get away

Looking for a relaxing getaway for two? A fun weekend for the family? A downtown experience? There’s a travel package for that.

8 months ago

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