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The Psychology of Money: Behaviors of successful investors

This Wall Street Journal/Motley Fool money expert says one thing sets successful investors apart. And he shares it here.

2 weeks ago

The ‘Nifty Five’ market and what it means to you

The S&P 500 is supposed to be one of the most diversified investment indexes, but five tech companies now make up a big share of its value. What’s an investor to do? Here’s some “Common Cents” advice.

2 months ago

Estate planning basics: Common-sense approaches to ensure solid strategies

By coordinating an estate plan with appropriate professional advisers, you can ensure that your assets will get to where you intended them to go.

7 months ago

First National Wealth Management launches ‘Common Cents on the Prairie’ podcast

If you’ve got personal finance questions, this new podcast is for you.

1 year ago

Estate settlement simplified: Local leader offers expertise, peace of mind

It’s an overlooked wealth management service that becomes invaluable: Consider estate settlement services to ensure your wishes are met and your loved ones have peace of mind.

1 year ago

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