Gray Television

KTTW ‘exiting broadcast business’; Fox moves to Gray Television

Independent Communications Inc., the long-time owner KTTW, Channel 7, and its satellite and translator stations, is exiting the broadcast business.

4 months ago

Combined KSFY-KDLT news operation ready to recast local broadcast market

It’s the biggest change to hit the Sioux Falls television news market in decades: Introducing Dakota News Now.

1 year ago

KSFY parent company still pursuing KDLT acquisition

It’s been more than a year since Gray Television, the parent company of KSFY-TV, announced a proposed acquisition of Sioux Falls NBC affiliate KDLT-TV from Red River Broadcasting Co. And while that’s still the plan, the deal has been held up by the federal government for what one South Dakota senator calls “an unusually long time.”

2 years ago

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