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4 months ago

Virtual winery introduction at J. Lohr Vineyards, wine tasting to cap off upcoming business conference

 Attend a virtual winery introduction at the J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, learn the family’s success story and even partake in a virtual wine tasting at the upcoming Prairie Family Business Association annual conference.

5 months ago

Family firm helps family businesses navigate transitions, planning

This family business didn’t think it could afford a living transition — but it happened with a strategy you can learn next week.

5 months ago

This approach helps local e-commerce company thrive during COVID – and it can work for you too

Want to learn the same approach that helped a local e-commerce company thrive during COVID? Hear from the experts at this virtual conference next month.

6 months ago

Organization, accountability lead to results for businesses using this proven approach

“I’ve seen this system work at a $5 million company and a $500 million organization.” From the mayor of Sioux Falls to family businesses statewide, companies are putting this system to work with big results.

6 months ago

Mother-daughter team draws on ‘wealth of experience’ to help clients through uncertain times

“During the pandemic, it has solidified that our approach of relationships first wins every time.” Meet a mother-daughter team helping others navigate their financial futures.

7 months ago

When cupcakes met COVID: How one family business pivoted to sweet success

“I laid awake wondering if it was the right thing to stay open at all.” Not only did she stay open, but she shifted her way to success despite COVID’s curveball.

7 months ago

Take inventory of your family business: Are you diversified beyond your business?  

There’s nothing like a challenging time for making you take stock of your business – especially if your business and your family overlap.

8 months ago

Business is ‘popping’ during the pandemic for fifth-generation popcorn company

Staying at home means it’s a great time to be in the popcorn business – as this fifth-generation family company is finding out fast.

8 months ago

Event planner offers strategies to organizations forced to adjust

So you probably won’t be holding a big convention, meeting or fundraiser anytime soon. But as this expert shares, that doesn’t mean events can’t still be a success.

9 months ago

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