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Housing investments are saving small towns, helping businesses grow

What does it take to bring needed housing to smaller communities? A lot of organizations working together.

5 days ago

SDN employees pin leadership on CEO Shlanta, raise funds for cancer research

It’s a pin with a powerful message: That these employees are moved to give in the name of their leader.

3 weeks ago

S.D. connectivity challenges hit home for new industry advocacy leader

Think everyone already has internet? Not so, says a South Dakota internet advocate who lacks broadband access at her home.

4 weeks ago

Follow these tips to help keep virtual meetings effective

Three experienced meeting facilitators share their advice on how to make the most of your virtual meetings — and avoid burning out.

3 months ago

Database developer

3 months ago

What to gift a retiring writer? A few words of appreciation for Rob Swenson

As this writer retires, his encyclopedia of SDN blogs will live on in SDN Communications’ digital archives and act as a draft of SDN’s history.

3 months ago

Here’s one political issue everyone agrees on and it’s benefiting South Dakota

In a country seemingly divided on everything, even face coverings during COVID-19, there is one unifying issue no matter which U.S. presidential candidate wins in November: broadband expansion.

4 months ago

SDN tackles state’s toughest fiber build in historic Black Hills $12.4 million public-private partnership

People go to the Black Hills to get a little off the grid, but when they need to get on the grid that hasn’t always been possible. Until now.

4 months ago

Why social media is probably riskier than most businesses realize

Excessive participation in social media can haunt people and their businesses more than they might realize, says an expert coming to this cybersecurity conference.

6 months ago

Cross-border business coach: In recruitment rivalry with Minnesota, S.D. gaining ‘traction’

An entrepreneurial coach doing business in the Twin Cities and Sioux Falls believes South Dakota has the advantage. And she’s helping these businesses leverage it even more.

6 months ago

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