Sioux Falls Development Foundation

Plans show Amazon building massive five-story project at Foundation Park

Building plans filed with the city of Sioux Falls show that Amazon plans to construct a five-story building at Foundation Park.

3 days ago

Just in time for the holidays: Downtown’s newly improved Eighth Street bridge is ready

The Eighth Street bridge is reopening, newly improved and ready for the holiday season.

2 weeks ago

Workforce development conference draws record audience with timely content, format

Businesses definitely are still focused on workforce — and showed it by attending in record numbers at this recent event.

3 weeks ago

Model project: How partners came together to create big community, business opportunities

“I asked how in the world we were going to buy it.” They bought this land when a lot of people came together. And then look what happened.

3 weeks ago

Familiar face to share insight on his peers, Gen Z

He’s a member of Gen Z who also works closely with its young members and has a compelling personal story. Hear from him at this week’s WIN in Workforce Summit.

1 month ago

Data helps guide next-generation talent management

Want to get a better grasp of how to use data in your hiring process? From interns through career professionals, this firm has it figured out.

1 month ago

Sanford leader’s work equips next generation with skills, STEM connection for future careers

Wondering how to equip the next generation of employees with skills your business will need? She’s already doing it.

1 month ago

Amazon buys 80 acres for Sioux Falls project Services Inc. has purchased 80 acres in northwest Sioux Falls for a future project.

2 months ago

Managing Gen Z: HR leaders to share insight, strategies

The key to leading yet another new generation in the workplace? We asked Sanford’s head of human resources — and you can too.

2 months ago

Metli named Spirit of Sioux Falls Award winner

The late, longtime city planning director Steve Metli has been named the winner of the Spirit of Sioux Falls Award by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

2 months ago

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