Sioux Falls Seminary

Higher education approach offers real-life, relevant learning experience

“I didn’t want to learn random facts just to get a degree. I wanted something that would be beneficial in a large way.” He did — with powerful results.

3 weeks ago

What does accessibility in higher education really mean? These four things

This is what it looks like when higher education is truly more accessible: From your location to level, learning style and time.

2 months ago

Struggling with the pandemic, holiday season or work stress? Mental health help is a click away

“You might find yourself thinking ‘should I or shouldn’t I?’ when it comes to seeking mental health services. If you find yourself debating whether or not to make the call, you should call.”

3 months ago

A graduate degree with no student debt? It’s the norm for this program

“I’ve had people in my office in tears when we start talking about the financial realities of student debt. Now, students have tears of joy when we talk about what’s possible.”

4 months ago

From Sioux Falls to a global network, partners create unparalleled personalized learning

An amazing education network is being formed right here in Sioux Falls, connecting students with personalized learning worldwide.

5 months ago

Cutting-edge education model thriving in Sioux Falls amid higher education upheaval

When COVID-19 struck this campus along with the rest of Sioux Falls, “it changed nothing.” But that’s only because in recent years, this school had changed everything.

6 months ago

Offering hope: Sioux Falls Psychological Services meets growing demand for mental health care

When the pandemic hit, this psychology practice shifted its approach fast — to serve the growing need for mental health care in Sioux Falls and beyond.

7 months ago

‘Like a 165-year-old startup’: Sioux Falls Seminary’s turnaround driven by innovation

“No one is doing what we’re doing.” Come with us for a look at the incredible transformation of Sioux Falls Seminary – a case study of innovation for any industry.

2 years ago

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