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Ratchford: New year offers fresh start

Could a new year bring a new home for you? Our real estate columnist Tony Ratchford shares some good perspective on new beginnings.

1 year ago

After another solid year, Sioux Falls business leaders look ahead to 2020

After another year of progress, how long can the good times last? Sioux Falls business leaders weigh in on what they expect to see in 2020.

1 year ago

Ratchford: The gift of Christmas

You’ll find a little history and a lot of holiday cheer in real estate columnist Tony Ratchford’s message this month.

1 year ago

Ratchford: Gratitude leads to happiness

A trip outside the U.S. reminded Tony Ratchford of why, despite our country’s challenges, there are many reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving month.

1 year ago

Ratchford: Real estate ownership, economy continue on solid path

There has been good local economic news lately. Will it continue? Real estate columnist Tony Ratchford weighs in on what it all means for the housing market.

1 year ago

Ratchford: Recession?

You’ve probably heard rumblings of a potential recession. Our real estate columnist Tony Ratchford has too and says: Don’t listen to them.

2 years ago

Ratchford: Is real estate homeownership still a good investment?

Trying to get your head around the housing market? Or figure out if buying a home is still a good investment? Our real estate columnist Tony Ratchford has some valuable historical perspective.

2 years ago

Ratchford: Freedom and dignity

“The constitution gives us the right to own real estate in its purest form, beyond any other country. Never before in the world was an individual allowed to own land freely.” As real estate columnist Tony Ratchford writes, it’s an important reminder this Fourth of July.

2 years ago

Ratchford: Your path determines direction

Thinking about moving? There’s a proven thought process to follow that also can help you in life.

2 years ago

Ratchford: Finding a dream agent

The internet has completely changed how many buy and sell homes. So how does a Realtor add value? Keep reading.

2 years ago

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