The “Hillbilly’s” Repurpose Project Center opens in larger storefront

Feb. 1, 2019

Fans of repurposing, upcycling and locally made one-of-a-kind merchandise have a new place to hunt for finds.

The “Hillbilly’s” Repurpose Project Center, which began as a Facebook group, has expanded to 1008 S. Cliff Ave.

Founder Shane Sutherland also owns Hillbilly Paintworks Reclaim & Design and is moving from 508 E. Maple St., where he opened a store about a year and a half ago.

“I dipped my toes into the last location with some speculation on how it would work out, and it just blew up,” he said. “I was there only Saturday, and it continued to grow.”

His new 1,400-square-foot space allows him to carry more merchandise and partner with other local vendors.

A popular book section has been expanded in the new space, with a focus on South Dakota authors and publishers. He plans to invite authors and songwriters to do signings of their work.

“My other books are ‘the books for looks,’ so designers come by to use them for displays and on end tables,” Sutherland said. “They’re colorful, pre-1900s novels and things like that.”

He also will have more space for the core of his business – antiques and other unique finds he discovers.

He began cultivating a community around the items about five years ago on Facebook. His group has grown to about 20,000 fellow repurposers who buy, sell and trade their items. He will continue to buy, sell and barter in the store.

“I keep joking it will be the Wall Drug of the east side of the state if I keep going,” he said. “But I want it to be a stop when people come to Sioux Falls.”

Many who follow his group already stop when they’re in town, he said. The new location across from Avera McKennan has drawn interest from passers-by too.

“I already have a lot of traffic since the signs went up, so it will be great to open the doors.”

Some of the other businesses featured at the new location include Solace Farms from Davis, which will sell its homemade jellies, jams, salsa and other canned goods; and Pink Flamingo Furniture, which creates upcycled furniture – many from pieces Sutherland finds.

“It’s really nice to sell to her at a low cost, and she can do her artwork on it and make it pretty and presentable and bring it back here,” he said.

He’s also starting a collaboration with his friend Jeff Danz, owner of Zandbroz Variety.

Danz will consign smaller items, from vintage campaign buttons to board games, that aren’t as easy to display in his Phillips Avenue store.

“It’s just another good thing with moving just off McKennan Park and downtown,” Sutherland said. “All the people in those areas have really welcomed me due to the (Facebook) page, and they’re excited and want to be part of it, and I love it.”

A future partnership with Goebel Printing will include T-shirts, coffee cups and notepads so the store can offer more gift items.

The store also will provide space for Sutherland’s painting and remodeling business to meet with clients.

“This is where I meet on design projects with homeowners,” Sutherland said. “So it’s like going to a paint store to look at products and pick out paint colors.”

The story will be open today and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and going forward for now the hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and “by appointment or chance,” he said. The hope is to add an employee to run the store and expand hours.

“The history is what excites me,” he added. “If it was just about the money, I would have probably gave it up and not expanded it. It’s the hobby side of what I do. Anything I can find that’s Sioux Falls- or state-related … it’s just fun to find the stories. And the people you meet along the way.”

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The “Hillbilly’s” Repurpose Project Center opens in larger storefront

Fans of repurposing, upcycling and locally made one-of-a-kind merchandise have a new place to hunt for finds. The “Hillbilly’s” Repurpose Project Center has a new, larger home.

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