The Log Cabin will reopen with new ownership

May 9, 2018

One of the most well-known “dive bars” in Sioux Falls will return.

On Tuesday night, the City Council approved alcohol and video lottery licenses for The Log Cabin, which has been closed since its owner died. Earlier this month, the Planning Commission supported a conditional use permit allowing the property to be used as a bar.

Dusty Foltz and his wife, Julia, led the efforts to reopen The Log Cabin, which has been at 1515 W. Burnside St. for decades. Foltz was a friend of the owner, Jerry Adams, who died in March.

Customers will find the same familiar bar: “We don’t plan on changing the concept of The Log Cabin whatsoever,” Foltz said.

The alcohol license paperwork is being sent to state officials in Pierre, and the final step of issuing the license could take seven to 10 days.

“My goal is to open it the day we can,” said Foltz, who will manage the bar.

He’ll be busy the next few days getting a state sales tax license, a federal tax ID and contacting vendors. Foltz said he hadn’t done that yet because he didn’t want to jinx the deal.

The goal is to be open from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day, but that will depend on the ability to find workers. Foltz owns a business, and his wife has a full-time job. “This will be our hobby, but we will run it like it’s a business.”

His passion to keep The Log Cabin operating stems from his friendship with Adams and the community Adams and his significant other, Patricia Erickson, built at the bar. Because The Log Cabin was open 365 days a year, it became a place to gather on holidays for people who don’t have family or couldn’t be with them. Foltz said Erickson made sure the customers had a turkey dinner or other food for those gatherings.

“I’m sure he’s happy,” Foltz said of Adams. “He loved The Log Cabin as much as the next guy. We want to keep it a family place like he had it.”

The loss of the bar led one of the customers to start a Facebook group, Save The Log Cabin, to drum up support. Several posts mentioned that while the bar looked rough it was filled with friendly people.

That’s what Foltz wants to preserve.

“We want it to be everyone’s favorite little five-star dive bar.”

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The Log Cabin will reopen with new ownership

One of the most well-known “dive bars” in Sioux Falls will return.

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