These women joined GreatLIFE, and their whole lifestyle changed

Nov. 6, 2018

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Heather Keenan had tried a lot of gyms, but nothing seemed like the right fit.

“I had been a member of many different gyms, some very expensive gyms, and I just never felt like I belonged,” she said.

That all changed when Keenan walked in the door of GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness in early 2015.

“One of the things that appealed to me with GreatLIFE was all the different locations, all the different activities and classes available,” she said.

“And I have never felt unwelcome here.”

Keenan visits GreatLIFE almost every day. And every time, she’s greeted by name.

“Everybody knows me. It’s just a really welcoming environment, and I have a lot of fun,” she said. “I love the classes offered. Most of them are included with our memberships. I love the trainers.”

She signed up for a class with trainer Briana Kolbo at the GreatLIFE Performance Center at 69th Street and Southeastern Avenue last Thanksgiving on a dare from a friend.

Keenan clicked with Kolbo so much she signed up for ongoing training. That has led her through GreatLIFE fitness challenges and gotten her into running and strength training.

“She knows how to push me and make me be my best,” Keenan said. “She took me from being a complete couch potato to finishing a half-marathon. I consider her my friend and definitely my soul sister.”

Keenan encourages others to join her as a member.

“I definitely recommend people join GreatLIFE if they want to feel included, if they want to be part of a class,” she said. “If you’ve never even exercised before, it’s a start — plus, all the community involvement that they have and the community discounts. It’s very welcoming and inclusive. I love it.”

GreatLIFE member Alanna Attwood has a similarly powerful story to share.

“I decided I needed to make a change in life when I got on the scale and I was 298 pounds. So I said there is no way I’m going to hit that 300,” she said.

She came in, met with a GreatLIFE trainer and signed up that day.

“I just fell in love with it here,” she said. “The people have been really supportive and wonderful.”

Most critically: She has lost almost 150 pounds in three years.

“I’ve struggled with weight my whole life – gained it, lost it, gained it, lost it – and I decided getting older if I’m going to make the change it has to be now. I can’t continue to go on this path. It’s not healthy,” she said.

She didn’t know how to start, so the trainers’ guidance was invaluable.

“Now, I have that education to keep the weight off. I don’t struggle with it anymore. My weight doesn’t fluctuate like it used to.”

Her newfound fitness also has allowed her to fulfill a lifelong dream: Joining the Army.

In the Army, “there’s so much emphasis on physical fitness, and if I struggle with anything, it’s so nice to have the support of the team here at GreatLIFE,” Attwood said.

The best part of her membership is the variety it offers, she said. Attwood will visit different gyms depending on whether she’s looking to swim, do cardio or weight training.

“Seeing the same things every day can get a little boring or monotonous,” she explained.

“I would absolutely recommend GreatLIFE to anyone really. No matter what your goal is, there’s going to be a GreatLIFE and a trainer that match your needs.”

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These women joined GreatLIFE, and their whole lifestyle changed

From major weight loss to levels of fitness they never imagined, their lives started changing in a big way the day they joined GreatLIFE.

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