Three-story Storage Center off to fast start on east side

March 23, 2020

It’s hard to miss the new Storage Center that opened in the past month along Veterans Parkway south of 41st Street.

That’s by design, said Ron Bowden, Storage Center’s developer and managing partner.

“I wanted that visibility, and I wanted it to be convenient,” he said. “I like the feel of where it’s at … it’s a busy road with high visibility and easy access.”

At three stories and 75,000 square feet, there’s nothing in the storage industry locally quite like Storage Center.

“It is the only one,” said Bowden, who was inspired to start the business after attending a storage industry convention.

“I said, ‘Wow.’ Sioux Falls is just about ready for this. It’s what’s referred to as a Class A self-storage facility, so it’s the only one in the region. If you go to Minneapolis or Chicago, they’re all over the place.”

Bowden, who has a marketing background, was intrigued by the demographics of those who use these kind of storage units. There’s a different mind-set and behavior than how storage typically was used, he said.

“They’re building out every square inch of living space,” he explained.

“You say, ‘Where’s the storage room?’ And they say, ‘What?’ It’s expensive space. So you use a cheaper per square foot version. This has become an extension of your living space. So things you’re not using on an everyday basis, whether it’s Christmas or clothing, you put it in a nice, climate-controlled, conveniently located space.”

Storage Center offers 530 units, ranging from 5-by-5 foot to 10-by-25 foot. The largest ones “were gone so fast you couldn’t believe it,” Bowden said.

There are only a handful of 10-by-20-foot units left on the main floor. Rent starts at $65 per month for small ones and $235 for large ones.

Bowden likens storage units to the hotel industry. There are different price ranges depending on the amenities and services offered.

“And you step up and get to the Sheratons and Hiltons, and that’s kind of the class we’re in,” he said. “This costs a little more, but people have found us to be extremely reasonable for the amenities we have.”

Amenities include 24-hour video surveillance and climate control, along with free use of a moving truck, boxes and supplies, dollies and handcarts, and online bill pay.

Now that people are moving belongings into the units, Bowden said he is seeing the variety of uses. There are the traditional uses involving moving, but others are planning to keep their belongings there potentially for years.

“It’s everything from kids’ clothing they want to save for the next kid, toys; it’s just interesting the really different uses,” he said.

“This is not your grandparents’ storage.”

While the building was under construction for 18 months, Bowden started a wait list. Since it opened March 1, units are filling up faster than expected, he said.

“Honestly, we are just thrilled. We are more than pleased with the response.”

The building is staffed to help people from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m.

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Three-story Storage Center off to fast start on east side

“This is not your grandparents’ storage.” Take a look inside this first-of-its-kind storage center that just opened in east Sioux Falls.

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