Three things you might not expect at a place called Luxury Auto Mall  

Feb. 18, 2019

This paid piece is sponsored by Luxury Auto Mall.

Names say a lot, but in the case of Luxury Auto Mall, it can sometimes mean part of the story gets missed.

Yes, you’ll find the most luxurious vehicles in the Sioux Falls area all under one roof, but if you’re seeking value, you’ll find a lot of that here too.

“We don’t want the ‘Luxury’ name to scare you away,” general manager Mike Chaplin said. “We want you to think of us for good quality and business you can trust. And often, people are surprised once they walk in with all the value you’ll find here.”

Pre-owned vehicles

You probably think of signature manufacturers BMW, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz with Luxury Auto Mall, but there’s a lesser-known selection of pre-owned vehicles in many makes and models.

“Once people end up here, they say they never would have guessed they could buy a car for $12,000 here, for example,” general sales manager James Hueners said. “We seem to be taking in more of those cars on trade, and we’ve got some really nice used cars.”

A few things are happening. More drivers are trading up in Luxury brands. And as families become loyal Luxury Auto Mall customers, they are doing all their auto business there.

“Mom and Dad might drive a Mercedes, but when their daughter needs a car for college, they come to us for the same level of service,” Chaplin said. “When you buy a used car, you want to make sure it’s from a reputable dealer that will treat you right after and be able to provide any and all service that might be required.”

The Luxury Auto pre-owned inventory includes about 100 vehicles from $2,500 up to $75,000 on any given day. Those higher-end models are great finds too. They often include names not often seen in Sioux Falls such as Infiniti, Jaguar, Porsche and MINI Cooper.

“Often, these are from households with multiple vehicles that are bringing them to us on trade,” Chaplin said. “They’re in excellent condition and often low mileage.”

To further test the market, Luxury recently ordered several Chevy Malibu vehicles. They’re 2018 models and priced at $15,000.

“We want to see how the market responds to them,” Chaplin said.

That’s the other constant at Luxury: The one-low-price guarantee. It applies whether you’re buying new or pre-owned: You’ll get the best price out there, so there’s no need to negotiate, and your experience can focus on finding the best fit for you.

“That’s the way you should buy a car,” Chaplin said. “The industry is so transparent, the dealers who have embraced the one-price philosophy should be trusted because that’s how the business is run today.”

And if the used vehicle you’re looking for isn’t on the Luxury lot, it’s an easy search of its sister Nice locations in Sioux Falls, where the options expand to between 300 and 400 vehicles.

“We’ll bring in a consultant to coordinate the search and likely source what you need,” Chaplin said. “We offer a luxury experience whether you buy a $4,000 car, a $40,000 car or a $200,000 car. We want you to come here and look for the $10,000 car.”

And while you’re welcome to come in today and search for your new pre-owned vehicle, waiting until March to buy might be best. For the entire month, Luxury Auto Mall will make a donation to Avera Children’s Hospital for every used vehicle sold.

Easy oil change

It’s funny the difference a sign can make.

Luxury Auto Mall has offered basic $19.95 oil changes for a while, but after putting a sign out front telling people that, hundreds of new customers have come in.

Your vehicle doesn’t have to be from Luxury to take advantage of this service.

“If you want an appointment and you only want to spend 20 minutes, call the customer care center, and they will set an appointment,” Chaplin suggested.

That number is 605-221-2000. Otherwise, bring your vehicle in any time, and it will be serviced in the order you arrive. You’ll enjoy a comfortable lounge stocked with beverages and snacks while you wait.

And upgrade to a tire change or synthetic oil for a small additional charge.

Tire time

When it’s time to buy new tires, a trip to Luxury Auto Mall makes it easy and cost-effective.

All tires are priced $5 over cost, every day.

“This all comes back to transparency too,” Chaplin said. “Our Ford store has done this for years, and we just started to put up banners making sure our Luxury customers know it’s offered here too.”

Luxury consultants will show you a range of tire options for your vehicle, and if you switch out winter and summer tires, that’s an easy process, too.

The team will take the whole tires off, put the new ones on, and store the tires for a small charge for you, so the whole process is seamless.

“At the end of the day, you’ll be treated fair,” Hueners said. “And I think that’s what most people hope for.”

To browse Luxury’s current inventory and learn more about the services available, click here.

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Three things you might not expect at a place called Luxury Auto Mall  

“We don’t want the ‘Luxury’ name to scare you away.” Whether you’re looking for a used vehicle of any kind or an excellent value on services, try a trip to Luxury Auto Mall.

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