Top 10 reasons to buy your spouse – or yourself – a GreatLIFE membership instead of a fitness bike

Dec. 23, 2019

This paid piece is sponsored by GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

Without naming names, a certain fitness bike might have been a bit in your face this holiday season.

As in all over your social media feed, your streaming services, etc. And, of course, there was that unfortunate selfie-filled ad that further encouraged you to buy your spouse – or yourself – said fitness bike and await a life-changing year ahead.

Well, at GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness, we applaud any effort to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

But we think we’ve got a better alternative that will leave you, your family and your bank account a lot happier this holiday season.

With that, we present the Top 10 reasons to buy your spouse a GreatLIFE membership instead of a fitness bike.

We have bikes too.

We actually have a ton of fitness bikes at GreatLIFE, with varying options to fit your workout needs. You can stop in and use them 24/7, and get help when you join from a trainer who actually will interact with you in person!

But if you really want the virtual cycling experience, we’re there for you too. We’ve added a virtual cycling studio to our new Harrisburg fitness center – a super quick drive south of Sioux Falls on Cliff Avenue.

Stop in anytime, and start cycling along with an expert (virtual) instructor.

The kids can come too.

Here’s something that never makes it into the fitness bike ads: your kids, who can make uninterrupted at-home workouts something just shy of impossible.

Bring them to GreatLIFE, and drop them off at free child care where they will be kept active and having fun while you work out – on a bike, if you choose.

The kids can get homework help. 

That workout you have planned on the home fitness bike? Great idea until the kids come home with a pile of homework that demands your attention instead.

Little-known GreatLIFE fact: There’s tutoring and homework help offered at the Woodlake Athletic Club, so you can work out, your kids can get expert school help, and you can both go home to enjoy the rest of your day.

It’s affordable.

Take the cost of one of those much-advertised at-home fitness bikes. Divide it by 12. Still a big number, right? Then add the monthly fee for streaming content and the app, which you have to pay for at least a year, and it gets bigger.

You can join GreatLIFE this month for no enrollment fee and no payment until January. After that, an individual fitness membership is just $44.99 per month, which includes tons of other benefits we’ll get to later.

There’s even more if you sign up now.

Want to actually score some points with your spouse gift? That GreatLIFE membership also comes with a $100 gift card this month to Thomas James & Bechtold Jewelry. Use that to top off your holiday gift, and really deliver a hit.

Your fitness bike won’t save you money.

Buy the fitness bike for Christmas and you’ll only be spending. Go with the GreatLIFE membership, and prepare to start saving. There are too many special offers to detail – but click here to see all of them.

From dining out to changing your oil to washing your car, it’s entirely possible to save every day by showing your proof of membership.

The fitness bike won’t help out with a massage after the workout.

You might need a massage after working out, but the only way you’ll save on one is by joining GreatLIFE. Members save $10 off their massages from the experts at GreatLIFE Woodlake and Performance Center locations.

Your fitness bike probably won’t encourage you to take a vacation.

Buy the fitness bike and you might to have to forego a vacation. Join GreatLIFE, and you’ll save up to 20 percent at hotels managed by Regency Hotel Management – from Okoboji to the Twin Cities and beyond.

When you just need to throw something, that’s covered too.

Is it just us, or when you watch enough of the virtual trainer on the at-home bike, do you just feel the need to throw something?

Who knows what form that could take in your home.

But if you’re a GreatLIFE member, all you need to do is head to JJ’s Axes & Ales. You’ll enjoy a $20 throwing fee every day, which drops to $10 on Sundays, plus $40 off league signup fees and other benefits for groups.

Real people matter

Yes, you can draw fitness inspiration from an app. But you’re not going to form a real relationship with a virtual instructor.

Join GreatLIFE and a real person is going to be with you every step of your fitness journey if you so choose. From a free introduction to the fitness center to tons of personal training options, our trainers form real, powerful relationships with our members.

And you can’t put a price on that.

Ready to become part of the GreatLIFE family in 2020? Click here to get started, or stop by any GreatLIFE location.

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Top 10 reasons to buy your spouse – or yourself – a GreatLIFE membership instead of a fitness bike

Who needs a certain high-end fitness bike this holiday season? Not you, once you see these top 10 reasons to join GreatLIFE instead.

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