Top sale: $1M for home with stunning backyard


The most expensive home sale for the week of Oct. 16 was $1,041,500 for a house with a large quartzite waterfall that runs into a natural swimming pond.

The five-bedroom house sits on an acre in the Prairie Hills neighborhood in southern Sioux Falls.

Our weekly feature sorts through property transfer records in Minnehaha and Lincoln counties to find the 10 most expensive residential sales.

The property transfer information comes from the Minnehaha County Director of Equalization Office and the Lincoln County Register of Deeds Office. Addresses are in Sioux Falls unless noted.

Here is a look at the top 10 home sales for the week of Oct. 16:

27420 471st Ave., Harrisburg

10. 27420 471st Ave., Harrisburg; $370,500

5404 S. Woodsedge Trail

9. 5404 S. Woodsedge Trail, $378,000

8809 W. Lakeside Drive

8. 8809 W. Lakeside Drive, $390,000

708 N. Blue Bell Lane

7. 708 N. Blue Bell Lane, $399,500

1309 S. Lindenwald Drive

6. 1309 S. Lindenwald Drive, $400,000

27089 Spring View Court, Harrisburg

5. 27089 Spring View Court, Harrisburg; $465,000

5408 S. Seabrook Circle

4. 5408 S. Seabrook Circle, $520,000

4405 S. Yellowstone Lane

3. 4405 S. Yellowstone Lane, $570,000

421 N. Phillips Ave.

2. 421 N. Phillips Ave. (two units), $990,000

2701 W. Dalston Circle

1. 2701 W. Dalston Circle and adjacent lot, $1,041,500

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Top sale: $1M for home with stunning backyard

Top home sales for week of Oct. 16

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