Top sale: $800,000 for home in rural neighborhood

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The most expensive home sale for the week of June 12 was $800,000 for a six-bedroom house in the Indian Hills neighborhood southeast of Sioux Falls near Good Earth State Park.

Our weekly feature sorts through property transfer records in Minnehaha and Lincoln counties to find the 10 most expensive residential sales.

The property transfer information comes from the Minnehaha County Director of Equalization Office and the Lincoln County Register of Deeds Office. Addresses are in Sioux Falls unless noted.

Here is a look at the top 10 home sales for the week of June 12:

4501 S. Vista Lane

10. 4501 S. Vista Lane, $420,000

27164 Fairway Place

9. 27164 Fairway Place, $430,000

503 S. Second Ave.

8. 503 S. Second Ave., $446,000

2708 S. Jonathan Lane

7. 2708 S. Jonathan Lane, $450,000

46386 261st St., Hartford

6. 46386 261st St., Hartford; $475,000

3115 W. 77th St.

5. 3115 W. 77th St., $495,000

5605 S. Josh Wyatt Drive

4. 5605 S. Josh Wyatt Drive, $548,000

27180 Willow View Circle, Harrisburg

3. 27180 Willow View Circle, Harrisburg; $570,000

1810 S. First Ave.

2. 1810 S. First Ave., $650,000

48022 Trading Post Road

1. 48022 Trading Post Road, $800,000


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Top sale: $800,000 for home in rural neighborhood

Top home sales for the week of June 12

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