Restaurant Roundup: New CH sandwiches, free pancakes, Mardi Gras

Here’s a look at the latest news from the local dining scene.

7 hours ago

Measuring the impact of online-review management

From your star ratings to your online reviews, it’s a lot for a business to manage — but this data says you need to.

8 hours ago

Bender Market Outlook: Solid but not record-setting year ahead

There’s a lot of news in this year’s annual market outlook from Bender Commercial — starting with changing patterns for Sioux Falls traffic on 41st Street and the implications for retailers.

9 hours ago

Coach like a champion, align talent to your workforce needs with these upcoming short courses

Does your organization have the right people in the right jobs at the right time? This strategy can help.

12 hours ago

Want to take advantage of equity in your home? Explore your options

Thinking of making some home improvements? Or do you need to tackle some other expenses? Look at how you can put your home to work for you.

14 hours ago

Rug & Relic to shift focus to online sales, client work

Rug & Relic plans to scale back its bricks-and-mortar presence and let the website that it built 10 years ago take over the majority of the work.

16 hours ago

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