Unique new Ideal Wedding location to include high-tech, hands-on features

Dec. 30, 2019

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The new home for Ideal Wedding & Events is starting to take shape.

And when customers visit, they’re going to experience a wedding and event business unlike anything in Ideal’s 77-year history.

“It’s really coming along quickly,” owner Blake Dede said. “The warehouse floor is going in, framing is almost complete, and electricians and plumbers are working diligently to get things operational. Our level of excitement is growing by the day!”

The nearly 15,000-square-foot building located off the Tea exit on Interstate 29 is going to impress, said contractor Tom Jurgens, the owner of RAECO Builders.

“The whole project is unique,” Jurgens said. “I was very excited to be part of it. From a construction aspect, we’re showcasing the creative possibilities of this type of structure. It’s a pre-engineered metal building, and you’re used to seeing those in more industrial settings. They don’t get the credit they deserve for their functionality.”

The outside of the building will include a striking facade with custom lighting that will wrap around the exterior of the building. The lighting has the capability to change color and will be an opportunity to display the sort of look Ideal can create for clients.

“It’s going to stand out and be a selling point,” Jurgens said. “You don’t see a lot of retailers doing what he’s doing. It’s going to be cool. People will drive up and think it’s high-end construction, and it’s actually a budget-friendly type of construction. We’re highlighting what can be done with it with a little bit of creativity.”

Inside, shoppers and event planners will discover many unique features to enhance their experience at Ideal.

There will be a custom design center with more than 1,000 full-size linens on display, which will fit tables in the store.

“We will have our full selection of napkins, chargers, place settings – everything needed to test out design options and essentially ‘mock up’ the perfect tablescape for their event,” Dede said. “It will be very hands-on.”

A computer-assisted design center will allow event planners to virtually map out their space with help from Ideal.

“We have the software capability to render interiors of rooms or tents, so clients can see spacing. They’re not going to have to worry about traffic-flow issues or where the bar will go,” Dede said. “Our program can illustrate the layout of everything three-dimensionally, so customers can truly imagine themselves in the space — as it will look on the day of their event.”

The retail side of the business will be a “fresh environment, with lots of new fixtures and displays,” he added.

For instance, many customers don’t realize Ideal can produce edible images for cakes, cupcakes or other culinary creations. Bring in a photo, and leave with an edible image to help celebrate any event that involves cake or cupcakes.

“I hope the experience is really outstanding,” Dede said. “That’s what we’re shooting for.”

Holiday stop

While the new building is being done, shoppers can still go to Ideal for all their retail needs. It’s located in a temporary space at 2707 S. Carolyn Ave.

“During the holidays, our retail business really picks up,” Dede said. “We have all the baking goods and candy-making supplies, and we anticipate being very busy for the rest of the year.”

If you need an extra incentive to stop by, come shop Wednesday when the retail merchandise is 20 percent off.

“And we plan to continue that next year – it’s not just for the holidays,” Dede said. “Customers can come in and get 20 percent off anything they purchase, and we’ll continue to do that to encourage our customers to come see us in Tea.”

Next steps

Ideal plans to move into its new building in January. While that wouldn’t be ideal weather for most to move, it’s good timing for this business.

“January and February are our slower months, and by March we start to ramp up with a lot of events again, so this was by design,” Dede said. “Our plan is to keep our temporary store open as we’re moving, and then when most inventory has been moved, we’ll shut down for a few days before opening in Tea. So I don’t anticipate being closed long at all.”

Once the new location is set up, Ideal also will finish revamping its website.

“We know that events are fun for people attending them but can be very stressful for the people planning them,” Dede said.

“Our goal with the new website is to create a platform our customers can use to plan their event from start to finish, doing as much as possible from the convenience of their home. Then, from that point, we can take the reins and assist with everything from designing to the labor aspects of setup, delivery and strike. When we arrive on site, we’ll be able to provide service at the level desired by the client — really allowing the hosts to sit back and relax — to actually enjoy the event they worked so hard to put together.”

The new building will fit that mission as well as streamline the process to ensure accuracy, he added. When it all comes together, the goal is to create an event with an exceptional experience for the client.

“For the first time in Ideal’s history, customers can place their order in the same place they will pick everything up. We won’t be sending them to a warehouse,” Dede said. “So it’s an extremely convenient, one-stop location.”

The building is a perfect fit “for Blake and for us as a project,” Jurgens added.

“For 10 years, I’ve been trying to get a project like this in Sioux Falls, and this one is so unique. It’s going to be bright and inviting. The one thing about Blake is he’s very sincere and honest, and his personality is contagious. That’s going to be what the whole environment will be like. It will be a reflection of who he is and the business he runs.”

Growing wedding, event rental business plans new location in Tea

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Unique new Ideal Wedding location to include high-tech, hands-on features

The new home for Ideal Wedding & Events is starting to take shape. Here’s a look at what you can expect there.

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