Want to say thanks at work? Doughnuts never fail

April 6, 2018

This piece is presented by Flyboy Donuts.

Show up to work or your clients’ office with a box of doughnuts, and you’ll likely never be turned away.

“A donut is always a light-hearted treat. And it is easy to please a wide range of customers or employees,” Flyboy owner Ben Duenwald said.“It seems that doughnuts always bring smiles and happiness to every room they are brought to.”

Here’s how three business leaders use Flyboy Donuts.

Dan Johnson, acquisitions manager at Luxury Auto Mall and Sioux Falls Ford

Johnson typically sends out doughnuts every quarter to customers of the commercial services department. He usually goes online and places the order, including a thank-you message to be delivered with the doughnuts the next morning.

Johnson said he likes the service because it’s so easy to use and he knows the staff will take care of the order whether it’s one dozen doughnuts or 10 dozen.

“I always use Flyboy Donuts because they have great delivery – they get them out right away in the morning. … They take care of me every time.”

Johnson knows the customers appreciate the doughnuts because he gets emails all the time thanking the commercial services department, and “I’ve never had any complaints on the taste,” he joked.

Eric Anderson, branch manager at Land Home Financial Services

Flyboy Fridays started last summer when Anderson went to the shop to get doughnuts for himself and his co-worker. He decided to get a dozen and invited friends and clients on social media to drop by for a treat.

Now, he typically buys doughnuts three Fridays in a month. He takes a photo, tags Flyboy and shares it on Facebook.

“It’s a good way to have some fun and to promote a local business,” said Anderson, who has been an ambassador for the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce for 12 years.

“It’s been a fun thing to get our name out there as a business, and I hope to get business for them too.”

He’s impressed with the customer service at Flyboy, and enjoys the doughnuts – picking maple bacon and the maple glazed as his favorites.

Jesse Larson, medical sales representative

Want to perk up a morning meeting? Larson has a sure-fire approach.

“I provide Flyboy Donuts as breakfast when I’m doing educational meetings in the morning with health care providers,” he said. “They’re always a big hit.”

He usually buys doughnuts a couple of times a month, and Flyboy’s high level of customer service makes the whole process effortless.

“They’re easy to order, and having them delivered works great,” Larson said. “They always have them there on time.”

While you can always come and choose from a huge selection in the display case, Flyboy encourages ordering ahead at flyboydonuts.com.

“Then we’ll have your doughnuts packed up and ready to go,” Duenwald said. “Orders can be submitted online anytime until midnight the day before you need them. We also offer delivery if you want to save time or surprise someone.”


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Want to say thanks at work? Doughnuts never fail

Show up to work or your clients’ office with a box of doughnuts, and you’ll likely never be turned away.

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