When reopening your business, consider these communication tips

May 28, 2020

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While everything has changed some, some things never change. One of those fundamentals is strong internal and external communication being key to business success. So as communities and businesses prepare for a new post-COVID-19 “normal,” communication remains paramount.

The following tips will help guide you in crafting a clear, successful reopening communication plan when your business feels the time is right.

Stay informed

It’s important to keep yourself informed on local, state and federal guidelines and restrictions as you move toward normal operations. Relying on this information to guide your reopening strategies is your public service responsibility.

Be transparent

Transparency is an important piece of communication. Be open and detailed about your expectations for employees and those visiting your location regarding cleaning procedures, occupancy restrictions and other safety innovations. Acknowledging a concern for public safety will only further gain confidence and build trust.

Don’t be opportunistic

Although we’re talking about reopening communications, it’s still important to pay attention to tone and remain sensitive to the current times. Employees and customers are still going to have personal concerns. Looking at the current situation as an opportunity to sell may come off as being insensitive to the situation. Your messaging should still be relatable and reflect the current times.

Your employees and customers are looking to you for regular, consistent communication as you reopen and make changes. Be sure that the message you’re sending through all channels stays consistent. Don’t forget to update your business hours as they change to avoid frustrated visitors.

Pivot as needed

Know and come to terms with the fact that “normal” may never look the same as it did pre-COVID-19. Keep evaluating your situation as you learn and pivot messaging as needed.

Remember that everyone is experiencing their own challenges during this transition. Lead by example, ensuring your communication is trustworthy, empathetic and clear.

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When reopening your business, consider these communication tips

Your business is ready to bring in more customers — now how do you talk about it? These do’s and don’ts are a good start.

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