Bluesy Kyle Knutson to play at Paramount

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Catch Kyle Knutson from 8 to 11 tonight, May 19, downtown at Paramount Studio Cocktails & Food, 307 S. Phillips Ave. Here’s more about this talented musician.
Tell us about your music.

I tell people my style is “Front Porch Blues,” revolving generally around a finger-picking acoustic guitar style, vocals, harmonica and a stomp board to accompany a beat tapping on the floor.

Who’s your musical inspiration?

I tend to have a fairly eclectic musical base that I draw from for inspiration. Typically, I gravitate towards singer/songwriter types such as Lyle Lovett, Delbert McClinton, Vince Gill to Merle Haggard to name a few.

What’s your car radio typically set to?

Although most people hear me performing bluesy numbers in my sets, growing up on county classics that my parents introduced me to, I usually listen to older country varieties on an AM band.

What kind of crowd do you typically see at your show?

My musical repertoire is mostly geared towards the baby boomer generation. However, I can appeal to younger audiences as well with some ’90s pop songs thrown into the mix.

What’s the best part about performing live music?

I love the connection made between an artist and audience that completes a full loop. I really like to mix up arrangements of songs to make them more “my own” and not just a straight-up cover.

For those joining you at Paramount, what kind of cocktail goes best with your show?

I do not believe there would be a cocktail that wouldn’t work well at my show. For me, I am usually sipping a cold beer — pretending to be picking on a front porch in the summer.

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Bluesy Kyle Knutson to play at Paramount

Catch Kyle Knutson tonight, May 19, downtown at Paramount. Here’s more about this talented musician.

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